Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1774

Catherine froze for an instant. Then, she brought Joel into the house.

Shaun stood there nonchalantly for a while before he turned around and left.

When Catherine glanced out of the villa’s window, Shaun’s figure was already out of sight.

She spaced out momentarily until Joel’s voice sounded in her ears. “To be frank, Shaun is really brilliant. I didn’t expect him to be able to turn things around by getting rid of Wesley and Hannah when things were already so dire. Among the youths, he’s probably the only one whom I truly admire.

“Although I admire him, it doesn’t mean that I  hope the two of you will get back together, Cathy. You went through so much and faced a lot of suffering before this. As your father, I just hope

that you can live a peaceful life with the kids. Ever since you got together with Shaun, I noticed that you’ve experienced more hardships than joy. I hope that your partner will protect and support you instead of assisting you for a short while and leaving you alone after that.”

“I understand. Dad, you should go and take an early rest.”

Catherine nodded. She grasped the meaning of Joel’s words more than anyone else.

After sending Joel back to his room, Catherine returned to her bedroom.

At this time, the sitter had almost finished bathing the kids.

When Catherine was drying Suzie and Lucas’ hair, Freya suddenly called her. She sounded agitated on the phone. “Sh*t! I can’t believe that Wesley and Hannah have been arrested. That damned man, Nathan, has been hiding it from us. I was so frightened all this while that I thought my life would be over… Now, I feel like an idiot.”

Catherine found it amusing. “ I realized that you’re beginning to sound like Rodney now after spending quite some time with him.”

“Is it the right time to discuss this? Most importantly, we survived this ordeal! ” Freya was close to tears. “During this period, I was so terrified that I wasn’t sleeping well. When I heard the gunshot outside the villa today, I nearly pissed myself.”

“Is your baby okay?” Catherine asked nervously at once.

“The baby’s okay. When Rodney came back just now, I gave him a piece of my mind, so I feel much better now, ” Freya said.

Catherine was at a loss for words. “According to what Shaun said, Rodney seemed to only find out about the plan today. Don’t blame him.”

“Do you blame Shaun? Rodney said that he knew it long ago.” Freya suddenly asked, “But he didn’t inform you, right?”

Catherine went silent for a moment before she replied, “I don’t blame him. After all, it was the prime minister’s plan. If he had informed me, I would’ve also told you if I saw your worried face. A big mouth like you might’ve spread the news to the Snows. Those around us might seem reliable, but once they learn more about the plan, it could leak out. If the plan hadn’t worked out, we would’ve suffered terrible consequences.”

“ .. Enough. You actually called me a big mouth. ” Freya flew into a fury. She gritted her teeth for a while before she said weakly, “Having said that, if I

had learned the truth, I surely would’ve told you about it. Forget it. What you said makes sense too.”

Catherine laughed.  “Don’t worry. After this incident, your identity as the prime minister’s goddaughter will be consolidated. No one will dare to offend you in the future since they won’t be bold enough to act against the Snow family.”

“That’s true.” Freya chuckled and said, “Well, people of high ranks like us have to put up with so much fear to gain great honor. By the way, we can finally relax now. Let’s go shopping tomorrow.

Also, I need to hand Hudson Corporation over to you.” “Mm.”

Catherine nodded. Indeed, it was about time she relaxed.

However, after she lay on the bed, she still felt that everything was surreal.

Was Wesley’s life really over? What a wonderful feeling it was.

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