Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1775

The feeling was so wonderful that Catherine had trouble falling asleep.

She only fell asleep when it was 3:00 a.m.

However, she was awoken by the kids the next day.

She opened her eyes in a daze, only to find a tall, attractive figure in her room. Dressed in a white T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans, the man seemed to be at the peak of his youth, looking like he was still 20 years old. One would find it hard to resist his charm and elegance.

After staring at him in confusion for a while, she rubbed her eyes, thinking that she might not be awake.

Somehow, she still saw the scene of Shaun combing Suzie’s hair in her bedroom.

It was very rare to see Suzie seated on the chair so obediently. While holding a comb, Shaun bent over and braided her hair carefully.

“Not  bad. You can braid better than Mommy.” Suzie looked into the mirror and was satisfied with

the braid. “Please put on a pink hairband for me. ” “Alright, princess.”

Shaun felt as though he had turned into a barber. Suddenly, a shriek sounded from behind. He turned around, only to find Catherine staring at him with wide eyes.

Although she had just gotten up, her ruffled  hair did not affect her pretty face. She was wearing cotton pajamas. Her shirt slid to one side, revealing a large part of her shoulder. The picture of her completely naked flashed through Shaun’s mind.

After glancing at Catherine, Shaun began to feel his body burning.

He quickly took a deep breath and contained his feelings as much as he could.

“Why are you here?” Catherine glared at him with disbelief without realizing how amusing she appeared. “ Shaun, this is my room. Who allowed you to enter? Where’s my dad?”

“When I came in, Uncle Joel had already gone to work. It was the housekeeper at the gate who let me in.” Shaun blinked with an innocent and natural expression. “I want to send the kids to preschool. When I entered the room, I noticed that you were snoring loudly in your sleep while the kids were

already awake. Suzie didn’t seem to know how to brush her teeth, so I helped her wash up and braided her hair. Right, Suzie?”

He lowered his head to look at his daughter.

Suzie nodded, completely unaware that something was not right with the atmosphere in the bedroom. She looked into the mirror and was caught up with her pretty appearance.  “Mommy, do I look beautiful today?”

Catherine’s mouth twitched.

If only her daughter could pay attention to what was happening. At this point, all Suzie cared about was her beauty.

Shaun’s description of her snoring loudly in her sleep made her embarrassed.

As a mother, she was sleeping like a log when her kids were already awake.

“Sure you do. ” After replying to Suzie’s question perfunctorily, Catherine said to Shaun furiously, “ Even so, you shouldn’t have barged into my room. A distinction should be made between a man and a woman, alright? We’ve gotten a divorce, so I’m currently a single, unmarried woman.

Did he know how hard it was for her to be a single, unmarried woman?

Shaun raised his brows. “I thought that… we’re already very close to each other, so we don’t have to mind that. After all, we already have children.”

Catherine responded in a huff, “Just because we have children, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep a distance. Otherwise, people might assume that I’m still in a relationship with you. It’ll be unfavorable for me to get a new partner then.”

“You’re planning to get a new partner, huh?” Shaun curled his lips and smiled pensively.

For some reason, Catherine found his smile a little creepy. She immediately glowered at him. “It’s none of your business.”

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