Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1776

“I’m not meddling in your business. I’m just asking.”

Shaun turned his head and continued braiding Suzie’s hair.

Suzie was not stupid. She simply pretended as if she did not hear or see anything. Anyway, no matter who Mom decided to be with, the fact that Shaun was her dad could not be erased.

It was better to take the opportunity to enslave this dad of hers.

“It looks nice, right? Our Suzie will definitely be the prettiest little princess when you go to preschool today. ” Shaun flattered Suzie while smiling. That put Suzie in a pleasant mood.

After that, Shaun helped Suzie to change her clothes as well.

He brought the two children downstairs to have breakfast.

It was a rare morning when Catherine did not have to take care of the two children. After staring into

space for a moment, she simply lay on the bed and continued sleeping.

After all, Shaun was taking care of the kids. Why did she have to work tirelessly every day when she could make use of the children’s biological father? She was not a fool.

She still had to rest when it was time to rest. There was no need to carry all the responsibilities herself.

After Catherine came to that conclusion, she fell asleep again.

When she woke up, the sun was already high up in the sky.

She looked at the time. It was 11:00 a.m. She sat up and looked at her phone.

As expected, today’s news was all related to Wesley and Hannah. There were even seven or eight trending topics about them. [Golden Corporation’s Medicine is Substandard. 123 Countries Overseas are Boycotting the Medicine.]

[Wesley Lyons Suspected of Bribery, Arrested for Investigation], [Wesley Lyons Suspected of Kidnapping A Foreigner], [Wesley, Jeffery, Sally, and Rebecca Involved in goo Billion US Dollars Fraud], [Wesley Lyons Allegedly Killed His Biological Nephew, His Sister Sonya Lyons Already Handed In Related Evidence of the Crime], [Wesley and Hannah Suspected of Endangering the Country], [Minister Gavin Mead and Family Arrested for Allegedly Jeopardizing the Country’s Safety]…

As the news was too sudden, the whole of Australia and even other countries were shocked.

The buzz on the internet made history since the last big news tens of years ago.

[Oh my gosh, how many crimes did Wesley commit? Kidnap, murder, jeopardizing the country’s safety, and fraud. Is he trying to go against the heavens?]

[This person is finally arrested. I’m so happy. I was disgusted ever since I saw the scandalous video of him and his secretary. He even became the wealthiest man in Australia afterward. I could only laugh in sarcasm. Even such trash could become the richest man. I understand now. He relied on fraud to achieve that. If our country’s economy were to be led by this kind of person, I reckon our economy will be done for in a few years.]

[Wait, he even murdered his biological nephew? Is he still human?]

[Gavin and his family were arrested too. I’ve seen pictures of Gavin and Wesley at a few public events. They looked pretty close. It’s obvious that they were trying to start a revolt and got caught in the end. Thank God they’ve been arrested.]

[You’re right. Canberra has completely changed. Many people were caught during Gavin’s birthday banquet yesterday. They cornered the prime minister openly. Luckily, the prime minister  had his guard up beforehand. Not only that, the identity of the person whom Wesley kidnapped isn’t ordinary. I heard that person is the heir of the world’s wealthiest and most mysterious family.

Wesley is past saving indeed. His arrest this time will surely end up in a death sentence. It’s an unchangeable fact.]

[Ha, do you know why he refused to divorce Catherine? Because Catherine’s mother is an oil tycoon and she’s rich. Wesley married and wooed Catherine before just because of this. Everything about him is fake, including his love.]

[Please don’t scare me. When did Catherine have a mother who’s an oil tycoon?]

[It’s true. It’s just that Catherine didn’t know about it. Wesley took Catherine’s hair and had Rebecca pretend to be that family’s daughter. That’s why Wesley is being suspected of fraud. Everything has
been exposed now. The police at the station didn’t sleep for the whole night last night to review Wesley’s case. He committed too many crimes.]

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