Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1777

Catherine was amazed. She had to acknowledge the netizens’ strength in obtaining information.

Not many people knew that she was Sheryl’s daughter. It was unknown how that information was leaked.

She was even on the trending searches, and there were rumors that she would be one of the top five wealthiest people among those born with a silver spoon in their mouths.

It was totally ridiculous.

Catherine had no intention of acknowledging Sheryl as her mother, not to mention inheriting her assets. Those people must be bored out of their minds.

She was starting to feel hungry. She got up, changed into casual clothes, and went downstairs. The housekeeper, Aunty Cally, was watering the flowers on the balcony.

“Aunty Cally, is there still breakfast? I’m a little hungry.”

Catherine asked while rubbing her eyes.

“Breakfast? There is, but it’s all cold and it’s almost time for lunch…” Aunty Cally’s gaze was slightly strange.

“ It’s okay. I’ll just have something simple to eat. ”

Catherine did not notice Aunty Cally’s gaze. She was just puzzled. Usually, Aunty Cally would already be preparing lunch at this hour. Why was she still watering flowers?

Catherine walked into the kitchen. She was stunned when she saw the towering figure inside that had its back toward her.

Were her eyes seeing things?

Why was she seeing Shaun in the kitchen of her house, wearing an apron?

When Shaun turned around, revealing the blue- checkered apron on his waist, Catherine’s pretty eyes widened instantly. The look on her face was utterly adorable.

Shaun smiled when he saw that. “You must be hungry. I made you a honey sponge cake and blended some fruit juice. You can have these first, but don’t eat until you’re too full. It’ll be lunchtime soon.”

His tone was very natural as if this was his house and she was his wife. Everything just felt very natural.

Catherine felt uncomfortable. “Shaun, why are you in my kitchen? Aren’t you supposed to be sending Suzie and Lucas to preschool? Why haven’t you left yet?”

“I left and came back again.” Shaun was holding a plate, and there was a slice of honey sponge cake on it. In his other hand was a glass of fruit juice. “Do you want me to feed you?”

Catherine looked at the slice of cake in shock. “You made this? Impossible.”

She remembered that Shaun’s cooking was not very good. It was just edible.

However, the cake in front of her looked just like those sold in bakeries.

“I made it. Your housekeeper can prove it,” Shaun said with a serious tone.

Catherine eyed him from head to toe with complicated feelings. “Did you get reincarnated that even your cooking skills have improved?”

“Were my cooking skills terrible in the past?” Shaun was puzzled.

“It was so-so. Anyway, you couldn’t bake a cake back then. I never wanted a second slice after finishing the first slice, ” Catherine said honestly.

Shaun frowned. He felt like blaming the previous Shaun. “Maybe it’s because… the previous me wasn’t attentive enough. Actually, these things aren’t hard. There are a lot of tutorials online. It’s easy to learn by following those tutorials.”

Catherine went silent upon hearing that.

Maybe that really was the reason. Besides, Shaun had to manage a huge company in the past. There were also people like Wesley and Mason preying on him. It was difficult for Shaun and Catherine to have peaceful days back then.

“Eat first. I’m going to prepare lunch.” Shaun nudged her to go outside before he headed back into the kitchen.

Catherine stumbled out of the kitchen. She was forced to sit at the dining table.

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