Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1778

Catherine’s feelings were complicated. “Shaun, didn’t my dad tell you yesterday? He doesn’t wish for us to be together…”

“He did, but it’s not your dad that I want to be with anyway. His words can’t affect me at all. Moreover, he has already gone to the company. The negative news regarding the fire that broke out at the company has affected his company greatly. He has no time to care about me at all. I reckon he has to work extra hours until late at night these days.”

Shaun was confident.

Catherine touched her forehead. He really did know how to take advantage of the situation. However, it was true that Joel might not have the time to care about Shaun now.

“But I already told you last time—”

“You indeed said it clearly enough. It’s precisely because it’s too clear that I’ve come to understand my thoughts. ” Shaun bent over and went near her ear. He whispered, “I’ve already approached other women but I realize that you’re the only one that I

want to have s*x with. What is love if this isn’t it?”

Catherine’s face heated up from his flirtatious words.

She glared at Shaun. “You’re overthinking. All men want to sleep with pretty women as soon as they see one.”

“Cathy, not all men are like that. Those who are controlled by their lower body are sex maniacs. I’m not. It’s only because I like you and I love you.” Shaun’s dark eyes were filled with affection. “You can reject me, but I have the right to pursue you. I didn’t pursue you before because I thought I didn’t have the right to do so. However, I think I’m qualified now.”

“Why do you think so?” Catherine was puzzled.

“Firstly, I can protect you. Secondly, I won’t lose my memories again. I won’t let my memories be altered by anybody else too. Thirdly, I have ample time now. I can slowly pursue you.”

He held three fingers up and said everything confidently.

Catherine was speechless. She could understand the first two reasons, but something was off with the

third one. “ Shaun, you’re still young. You should have a job and a career. I think you should return to Hill Corporation. It’s the fruit of your efforts, after all.”

“No, I’m not interested in having a career right now. I just want to be a good husband who does the laundry and cooking at home.”

Shaun gazed at Catherine with his hands in his pockets. “By the way, do you have any clothes that I need to wash?”

“… Thank you, but I’ve already washed them.”

“You can just leave it in the future. Let me wash your clothes for you.” After Shaun spoke, he returned to the kitchen to cook lunch.

Catherine had a headache.

She called Aunty Cally over. “After this when Shaun sends Suzie and Lucas to preschool, can you get the security not to let him back in?”

After a moment of silence, Aunty Cally said, “Miss, the security guard didn’t let him in. He climbed over the wall himself. After he came in, he kept helping me with various chores. He’s such a huge person that I can’t chase him out.”

Catherine really had to hand it to Shaun.

The wall of her house that was three meters tall could not even block him out. What other ways could there possibly be?

“Forget it. I’ll just take it as there’s an extra helper in the house who’s providing his services for free. It’s a waste not to use him anyway.” Catherine sighed. She could only think of it that way.

After having the cake and fruit juice, Catherine rested for a while. Then, it was already lunchtime.

Shaun served the dishes—fish, chicken wings, and vegetable soup.

The dishes had bright colors, and the taste was not bad as well.

After Catherine had her fill, she went upstairs and changed into a denim maxi skirt, pairing it with an almond -colored knitted sweater. She also put on makeup.

She had been in an irritable mood lately, so she had not dressed up in a long time.

She even wore a pair of earrings and a necklace that day. Her skin was fair, and her face was plump with

collagen. Her features were stunning as well. After dressing up, she was so pretty that her looks could surpass even those celebrities on television.

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