Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1779

When Catherine went downstairs with her handbag, a gleam of amazement flashed through Shaun’s eyes.

He had always known that she was beautiful, but she was as pretty as a fairy after dressing up.

He did not know that she would be so pretty with earrings and a necklace. They accentuated her slender neck and collarbone, making them look so delicate and seductive.

With just a glance, he felt his body burning up.

Shaun quickly took a deep breath. He put his hands in his pockets without changing his expression. He stepped forward, and there was a hint of hoarseness in his voice. “Where are you going?”

Catherine deliberately gave him an indifferent glance. “It’s none of your business.”

That sentence rendered Shaun speechless.

He quickly recalled that she said she was going to look for a new partner that morning.

‘She didn’t doll herself up to go on a date with another man, right?’

When that thought flashed across his mind, Shaun was so irritated that he wanted to spit blood.

He finally managed to eliminate Wesley with much difficulty. He did not do it just so she could start a new relationship with another man.

“I’m not trying to boss you around but where are you going? I’ll drive you there, ” Shaun said gently a s he restrained the jealousy roiling in his heart with all his might.

“No need. I can drive myself. Don’t follow me.” Catherine walked toward the garage as she said that.

Shaun narrowed his eyes. There was no way she could shake him off and go on a date with another man.

He followed after her in long strides.

Catherine did not notice him. She was thinking about which car she should drive that day.

It seemed that she had not been flashy for a long time. Wesley had been arrested, so the weight on her chest was gone. She did not have to worry anymore.

Therefore, she chose a very €ashy red Lamborghini.

However, just as she got in the car, a man got in the passenger seat beside her.

Catherine’s face darkened instantly. “Shaun, why are you following me? Get down.”

“Cathy, you’re so pretty today. I’m worried some rascals outside will be attracted by your beauty. I have to follow you and protect you.” Shaun smiled as he took his phone out. “By the way, you might not know this yet, but many people already know that you’re Sheryl’s daughter. Some netizens analyzed that your net worth is at least 6oo billion US dollars.”

600 billion… US dollars.

How many zeroes were there behind the number? Catherine had never seen so much money in her whole life.

Catherine felt speechless by the netizens’ claims. How bored must these netizens be?

Did they think they would not have to take responsibility after reporting a number?

Shaun continued saying, “Of course, I know that you definitely won’t salvage your mother-daughter relationship with Sheryl. The claims going around on the internet are fake. However, other people aren’t clear about this. They only know that your mom is rich. Maybe there’ll be some reckless people who want to kidnap you. Even Matthew was kidnaped before. That’s why it’s too dangerous for you to go out alone. You need bodyguards.”

After saying that, he took a pair of sunglasses out of nowhere. He was as handsome as those flirty playboys.

Catherine tilted her head and looked at him with a fake smile. “Why do I feel like you’re more dangerous than those kidnappers? At least they’re only aiming for the money. You’ re even sleazier, aiming for my body.”

“Cathy, you’re wrong there.”  Shaun  smiled  and gave an innocent expression. “Only ugly people are sleazy. For handsome people like me, it’s called admiration.”

“Shaun, why have you become so talkative?” Catherine rolled her eyes at him.

“I can’t help it because I’m pursuing you now. If I were to act cold and distant when I’m pursuing you, you’d surely kick me to the crematorium. ” Shaun told the truth.

Catherine thought about it. He was right. If Shaun still showed his cool, bossy president attitude while pursuing her, she would surely kick him until he died.

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