Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1780

After all, why would you be haughty when pursuing another person?

Shaun had become quite tactful.

As Catherine was unable to chase him away, she had no choice but to start the car.

After driving for about half an hour, Catherine stopped by the roadside. She bought a bouquet of carnations and a basket of fruits.

Shaun immediately understood. He quickly bought a set of the same things as well.

Catherine glanced at him. “Why did you buy those things?”

“I’ll do whatever you do,” Shaun said with much experience.

Catherine could only let him be.

After that, she drove the car to the hospital.

When she arrived at the door of the VIP ward, she took a deep breath and pushed the door to enter. There was only Matthew and a caregiver in the ward.

He was sitting on the bed, wearing a hospital gown. He was hooked up to an IV.

It was Catherine’s first time seeing Matthew again after some time. The man of mixed race who used to be handsome and dazzling was just skin and bones at that moment. His hand was even wrapped in a thick layer of gauze.

Although Matthew had gone to Gavin’s banquet last night, he was sent to the hospital right after leaving the banquet.

It was because Wesley had severely tortured Matthew during that period. He had only endured it for the whole day yesterday. After Gavin was arrested, he could not endure it anymore.

“Hi.” Matthew raised his head and showed Catherine a bright smile.

Catherine was taken aback. She thought he would be overcome with trauma after being locked up for so long. She did not expect that he was still that bright young man after coming back.

However, her heart was in pain seeing Matthew in this state.

Maybe it was because he was her biological brother.

“Matthew, I’m very happy to see you safe and sound,” Catherine walked to his side and said in a low voice, “But I still have to apologize to you, Matthew. I asked you to go to Melbourne to investigate Rebecca at that time, yet I forgot how evil humans can be…”

“ It’s not your fault. I was the one who was stupid and got manipulated.”

Matthew grinned and revealed his white teeth. “My dad said this is a lesson for me. As the heir of the Costner family, I was so easily taken captive by someone else. This really serves as a lesson to me. I’ve been too at ease under the protection of my family.”

He had a smile on his face, yet there was deep regret in his eyes.

Catherine suddenly felt that he looked like a pitiful little puppy. She could not resist patting his soft, short hair.

Matthew was stunned. She was the second person to pat his head like this besides Sheryl.

He did not hate it. Instead, he felt like he was being pampered.

He felt like every one of his organs was healed.

At the side, Shaun’s handsome face darkened. He went over in big steps and yanked Catherine’s hand away. He said while  smiling,  “Stop patting. He’s not a dog.”

Puppy Matthew, “…”

Did he just get criticized or what?

Catherine gazed at the jealousy swirling in the eyes of the man in front  of her speechlessly.  “It’s none of your business. I can touch whoever I want.”

“Cathy, a man’s head can’t be touched simply,” Shaun said seriously.

“Matthew is my brother, ” Catherine snapped. Although she did not acknowledge Sheryl, she still liked Matthew. Moreover, Matthew had not harmed her before. Shaun raised his eyebrows. “ Is your brother not a man?”

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