Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1782

Catherine suddenly spoke.

Matthew was stunned. He opened his mouth, and after a moment, he said resignedly,  “After she found out that you’re her biological daughter, she felt guilty and regretful. She saw Lucas yesterday and really wished to acknowledge him. However, she knows that you despise her, so she didn’t dare to speak.”

“Matthew, I can’t just forget about everything just because she was under the influence of a drug. It’s fine if she had only called me a b*tch in the restaurant. That only made me lose all expectations I had for a mother. What I can’t forgive is that she allowed Rebecca to harm Suzie. From that moment onward, I knew I couldn’t acknowledge her as my mother anymore…”


The sound of something dropping on the floor came from behind.

Catherine was taken aback. After sensing the weird silence in the ward, she turned around and saw

Sheryl and Titus standing at the door. There was a bag of medications on the floor beside Sheryl’s feet.

Sheryl looked at Catherine mournfully. There was remorse and bitterness deep in her eyes. Her face was as pale as a sheet too.

Catherine pressed her lips together.

She had not seen Sheryl in a long time. She only saw her for the first time when she was meeting Titus in the restaurant. Sheryl was so beautiful at that time. However, after coming to Australia for only two months, she had suffered so much till she became skinny and frail.

Catherine knew that Sheryl was not okay.

However, the wound in her heart could not be erased.

“Mom…” Matthew was shocked. He did not expect his parents to come.

He did not know how much of their conversation his mom had heard. Would it not trigger her illness?

“Matt, I’m okay.”

Sheryl shook her head. Her heart was in pain, so much pain that she was about to faint. She wanted to throw a tantrum and smash things. However, she was conscious of her illness. She could not let the

drug control her anymore. She had made a mistake once, and she could not repeat it.

She looked at Catherine, who was in front of her, attentively.

As a mother, it was the first time she was looking at her daughter so closely.

Catherine really looked like her when she was young—charming and bright.

Why was she so blind and muddle-headed back then?

Catherine was her biological daughter, yet she hurt and humiliated her time and again. She even suspected that Catherine was having an affair with her husband.

It was utterly ridiculous.

It was as if Sheryl was the only crazy one while everyone else was wide awake.

“Catherine, I’m sorry… ” After Sheryl said that with much struggle, her eyes reddened. “I did you wrong. I’m a failure of a mother. I’m an evil grandmother.”

Catherine looked at Sheryl’s reddened eyes. Her throat felt bitter all of a sudden.

She thought she could be indifferent. It turned out that she was not that strong.

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