Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1783

It took her some time to calm her emotions. Sheryl then said with a hoarse throat, “You’re right. I can’t push away all the responsibilities just because I was drugged. The things I did were indeed very evil.

However, when I agreed to let Rebecca kidnap Suzie, I reminded her not to hurt Suzie and just put on an act to threaten you. I didn’t think she would

Sheryl had an expression of deep regret. To be honest, she was really too stupid at that time.

Luckily, Titus rescued Suzie. If not, she could only atone for her sins with death.

Catherine’s eyebrows twitched, but it was only for a moment. She became indifferent again. “ So what? Can the trauma in Suzie’s heart be erased? Do you know that the first time I saw you in the restaurant, I had already guessed that you’re my mother?

However, you didn’t recognize me. The despair I felt was as much as the expectations I had for a mother.”

“I’m sorry.” Tears streamed down Sheryl’s face.

She really did not want to recall what she had done to her own daughter in the restaurant back then.

Catherine let out a long breath. “There’s nothing to be sorry about. If  you hadn’t  mistaken  someone else to be your daughter, you probably would’ve treated me very well. It was all a mistake. A lot of hurt has been caused, so all of you should stop saying that she only did those things because of the drug. I used to console myself with that reason as well.”

She started sniffling. She thought she would not feel sad anymore, but her throat still felt bitter when she said it all out loud.

“All of you will never understand how I was driven into a corner by Jeffery and his wife back then. I was locked in a dark house and only fed stale rice. I didn’t have a blanket when it was cold at night, and I didn’t even have water. I almost died. I’ll also never forget how much anger and despair I felt when they killed Granny. I finally managed to send them to jail, yet you all… What did you all do?”

Her fury—filled eyes swept across Sheryl, Matthew, and the others.

Although she had let go of some things, they would forever be a lump in her heart.

Matthew was utterly ashamed. “I… I’m sorry. I thought they were innocent back then…”


Catherine laughed. “Are the judges of Australia fools? If there was no concrete evidence, would they have sent Jeffery and Sally to jail? Yes, all of you were manipulated, but did I ever do anything wrong? I just wanted to have a peaceful life. Ever since you showed up, I’ve been treading on thin ice.

“Rebecca and her family have become a trauma that I can’t shake off my entire life. It’s as if there’s a huge rock pressing down on me. I didn’t even dare to fall into a deep sleep before this. I was living in fear every moment. I was afraid my children would be harmed by you people. I was so scared that I kept thinking about bringing my children and my dad to a new country to start over.

“ It’s because Wesley and Rebecca are the scariest demons in my life. They killed my granny and my friend, yet my mom spared no effort to help them. How can I forgive all of this?”

Her hoarse roar resounded in the ward. Everyone went silent.

Sheryl closed her eyes and simply let her tears flow.

She could not imagine how hard Catherine’s life had been.

As a mother, she did not protect Catherine and even kept giving her trouble.

After a long time, Sheryl said in a hoarse voice, “ You’re right. I don’t have the right to ask you to forgive me, but can you let me make it up to you?”

She looked at Catherine cautiously. “I initially wanted to return Hill Corporation to Shaun, but he doesn’t want it. I want to give it to you. Moreover, Shaun is your boyfriend. You both can manage it together.”

Catherine was taken aback.

If it were any other company, she could choose not to consider it at all. However, Hill Corporation was Shaun’s efforts.

She looked toward Shaun. “Why don’t you want it?”

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