Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1784

“She spent money to acquire Hill Corporation. Why should I take it? I haven’t even married you yet. ” Shaun gazed at Catherine’s reddened eyes dearly.

Catherine was speechless. What did he mean by that? Did it mean that he would have taken Hill Corporation back if they were married?

However, she was furious as well. “Why didn’t you take it? Hill Corporation is the fruit of your painstaking efforts. It’s the hard work of the Hill family too.”

She knew how much effort Shaun had contributed to Hill Corporation.

All of his ambition, vision, and dreams were in Hill Corporation.

“Cathy, my aunt and uncle sold their shares through legal procedures. The same goes for the other shareholders of the company. If I take over Hill Corporation, isn’t it equivalent to Sheryl giving me hundreds of billions of US dollars for nothing?

After all, she’s not my mom. However, things will be different if I’m her son-in-law.”

Shaun smiled. “I can manage the company for my wife.”

Catherine could not take it anymore. This guy kept laying out traps for her. He was just saying that she should become his wife.

The atmosphere was quite serious at first, but it became very weird because of Shaun.

Titus cleared his throat. “You take it then, Cathy. We’re based overseas, and we don’t have time to manage Hill Corporation. Moreover, the Hill family still holds 3o percent of shares. It’ll be nice to have Shaun as the director.”

“No.” Shaun shook his head. “I’ve already been chased out of Hill Corporation twice. I really don’t want to go back there anymore. Furthermore, I don’t plan to be busy with work for now. I want to build a family before establishing my career.”

The corners of Titus’ mouth twitched. “Are you sure? I think you won’t be able to settle down in five or six years. Don’t wait until you’re in your middle age to start your career. By that time, the companies outside may not even want you.”

Catherine almost burst into laughter. She had to admit that Titus had a sharp mouth.

She raised her head and agreed with Titus. “That’s right. You’re not that young anymore, unlike me. I’m still very young.”

“It’s okay. The person I’m pursuing now is rich. Worse comes to worst, I’ll rely on her to provide for me in the future. ” Shaun smiled ambiguously. “ If she really doesn’t want me, never mind. I still have some savings. I can just keep pursuing her until I get old.”

He looked straight at Catherine. Catherine was initially quite sad, but her face started heating up under everyone’s gazes.

The atmosphere mellowed all of a sudden. Sheryl had complicated feelings.

Titus circled Sheryl’s shoulder lightly and said, “ Cathy, your mom really doesn’t have the time to manage the company. The doctor said she has to focus on recovering from her illness during this period. Why don’t we do it this way? Wasn’t Shaun’s mother the vice president of Hill Corporation before? I think we can let Lea continue managing the company. As for the company’s shares, they’ll be transferred to Lucas and Suzie’s

names. Regardless of whether you agree or not, it’ll be done this way.”

Sheryl’s eyes lit up.

Lucas and Suzie were Shaun and Catherine’s children. That was a great idea.

Catherine frowned. She really did not want to accept Sheryl’s things.

“You can refuse, but you can’t stop a grandmother from giving her grandchildren assets, ” Titus added.

Catherine raised her head and gazed at Titus for a while. She could not help but feel that Sheryl had found a good man in her life. He was intelligent, wise, and big-hearted.

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