Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1785

Catherine remained silent for a while. Suddenly,

she stared at Sheryl with a sharp gaze. “I just want to ask you a question. A fire broke out when my dad went for an inspection. Did you arrange for that?”

Sheryl’s eyes widened in astonishment. “When did this happen?”

Catherine observed the expression on Sheryl’s face closely. She tried to find traces of her lying.

“Cathy, it wasn’t your mom who did that, ” Titus interrupted her, saying, “It was Wesley.”

“How do you know?” Catherine raised her eyebrows.

“Because Wesley is with me now. I’m interrogating him to find out about every evil thing he has done.” A hint of iciness flashed across Titus’ eyes. “ I’ve never suffered such a huge loss in the hands of another person. A death sentence is too light of a punishment for him.”

Matthew said with contempt, “Dad, you can’t let him commit suicide. Leave him barely alive. I still haven’t returned the humiliation I went through.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve locked him up in a cage. I’ve broken all his limbs as well. It’s impossible for him to commit suicide even if he wants to, ” Titus said casually.

Catherine imagined that scene. It gave her the chills, but it was pretty satisfying too.

“Do you want to meet him?” Titus suddenly asked her.

Catherine opened her mouth. She initially thought that there was no need to meet Wesley anymore. However, she nodded after glancing at Shaun. “ Okay. Can we go now?”

“Of course.”

Titus patted Sheryl’s back after he spoke. “You can rest here. I’ll give them a ride.”

“I … ” Sheryl wanted to spend more time with her daughter.

“Your body isn’t well. Treat your illness first. Some things don’t have to be rushed.” After Titus reassured her, he left with Catherine.

Of course, Shaun immediately followed after them. “Can you stop following me?” Catherine rolled her

eyes at him with exhaustion. “I have some things to discuss with Wesley.”

“What things? Can’t I listen in?” Shaun said in a depressed tone, “Moreover, if it weren’t for me, would Wesley have gotten arrested? Don’t I have the right to see Wesley for one last time?”

Catherine could not retort his two consecutive questions. In the end, she could only let him follow her.

In the sedan, Titus sat in the passenger seat. Through the rear-view mirror, he could see that there was a problem between Catherine and Shaun.

He recalled that Catherine had even begged him for Shaun’s matters before. At that time, it was obvious that Catherine did have feelings for Shaun.

They always moved as a pair as well.

Surprisingly, Shaun and Catherine did not break up even when Rebecca cornered them. However, after those people got arrested, problems started to arise between them.

Nevertheless, Titus could guess that their relationship would not be having any problems if he and Sheryl had not shown up.

He did not know how to make it up to them.

As Titus was deep in thought, Shaun suddenly spoke and broke the silence in the car. “Uncle Titus, how did you get to know Aunty Sheryl in the past?”

“I went to Soromon Island for business back then. I t happened to be Sherry who welcomed me. At that time… she was only about 2o years old. She was very pretty, but she was cunning and bold too. She was clearly younger than me, but it was my first time being at a disadvantage in the hands of a woman.”

When mentioning the past, Titus’ handsome face became gentle. “At first, it was just interest and curiosity. When I realized I had fallen in love with her, I suddenly became aware that I couldn’t be without her. However, before we got married, she admitted that she didn’t remember her past.

Furthermore, she might’ve had a child before because there was a surgical scar on her lower abdomen. It was most probably a scar from a C- section. She told me that even if she married me, she would still try her best to look for her child.”

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