Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1786

Catherine kept looking outside the window as if she did not hear it.

Shaun looked at her gently. He asked Titus, “Didn’t you mind?”

“I did. There isn’t a man who wouldn’t mind. I tried to calm myself down, but I realized that I was only torturing myself when I couldn’t see her. What was the point? If she has a child, then so be it. I have dated a few girlfriends when I was young too. I wasn’t a virgin either. After I came around, everything was pointless as long as the both of us were together.”

The decisive man’s eyebrows became gentle as he talked about the past. “However, there’ll always be regrets. It would be better if only I met her earlier. Both of us would’ve been at our best times.”

Shaun was touched.

Titus smiled and said, “Speaking of this, Sheryl and I rarely fought. It’s only this time that we almost got a divorce after coming to Australia. Luckily…


At that moment, even Catherine’s eyes glinted.

Such a loving man like Titus was rare. Even if he was a playboy before his wedding, he could reel in his heart as soon as he found the right person and treated his wife wholeheartedly. That was the marriage that every woman wished for.

Unfortunately, Catherine already ended her second marriage, and she was not as lucky as Sheryl.

As she was thinking about it in disappointment, she suddenly felt Shaun holding her hand lightly.

She turned her head and glared at him. Then she pinched his palm hard.

Not only did Shaun not let go, he even held her hand tighter.

They arrived at Titus’s villa.

The car drove into the basement garage.

There was a row of towering foreigner bodyguards at the door. They immediately bowed upon seeing Titus.

Titus waved his hand and pressed the switch for the shutters. The door to the garage opened. Catherine saw Wesley, who was inside.

The last time she saw him, he was still haughty and arrogant, looking like a dominator.

She did not expect Wesley to be locked in a cage like a dog who had lost its home when they were  to meet again.

There were chains on his hands, ankles, and even his neck. He was still wearing the expensive suit he wore yesterday, only now it had become dirty and shabby. His face was filled with wounds, and one of his eyes was swollen from being hit.

Upon hearing footsteps, Wesley, who was sprawled on the ground, kept murmuring and begging. He seemed to be delirious. “Don’t hit me… Don’t hit me… I was wrong… Let me die…”

“Master Costner, he’s useless. He became like that after a short torture, ” a bodyguard said disdainfully.

Catherine sighed. Wesley had not experienced such suffering in his whole life. He must have been quite pampered too. He might be good at scheming, but his physical stamina was awful.

Titus hinted at the people by his side with his eyes. Immediately, a bodyguard brought a pail of water and splashed it on Wesley’s face.

Wesley shivered. He woke up groggily.

He struggled to open his swollen eyes. When he saw Catherine, he crawled toward her like a dog, wanting to grab her.

Shaun quickly pulled Catherine aside to evade him. Wesley begged for mercy while trembling. “Cathy, I was wrong. I won’t ever dare to set you up again. I beg you. Ask them to send me back to jail or let me die. I don’t want to stay in this place anymore.”

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