Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1787

“ If you can’ t take it after one day, then have you ever thought of Matthew’s feelings when you locked him up before?” There was not even a slight pity in Catherine’s eyes. “You brought all of this upon yourself.”

“You b*tch.” Seeing that she refused to help, Wesley roared in contempt, “I shouldn’t have blocked the knife for you in the past. I should’ve just let you die.”

“Shut up.” Shaun kicked Wesley to the ground.

Catherine sighed. The reason she did not want to come was exactly because of this. He would never acknowledge his mistake. “Wesley, I came here today to make one thing clear. That day when Shaun fell from the stairs and lost his memories, was there Sarah’s doing in it? I want to know where Sarah went.

“Also, was it Sarah who provided the drug that was given to Sheryl? When did you two start conspiring with each other?”

“ I don’t know what you’re talking about. ” Wesley laughed creepily. “You want to catch Sarah, right? Okay, as long as you let me go, I’ll help you testify against Sarah.”

“You want me to let you go? In your dreams, ” Titus said coldly.

“You can at least send me back to the police station, right?” Wesley gritted his teeth. “Let me be exempted from the death penalty. Don’t you want to put Sarah in jail?”

“Answer Miss Jones’s question  honestly.”  The leader of the bodyguards went forward and grabbed Wesley’s collar. “If not, I’ll make you suffer.”

“Haha, I’m already in a living hell. My legs and arms are broken.” Wesley laughed like a lunatic. “If you don’t agree to my conditions, I won’t say a thing.”

Catherine frowned coldly. “Never mind if you refuse to talk. Sarah is indeed evil, but I have ways to lure her out slowly. But you, I’ll never let you off the hook.”

“Fine. You’ll regret this, Catherine. You’ll regret it.”

Wesley snickered. That woman, Sarah, was very cunning. She was a lot smarter than Rebecca too.

Was Catherine not intending to make him suffer?

Never mind. As long as Sarah was still free, it would be like a ticking time bomb.

“Ha, what trouble can Sarah still stir now?”

Catherine sneered, unconvinced. She turned around and left.

That was the last time she saw Wesley. It seemed like she would not be able to meet him anymore in the future.

After leaving Titus’s villa, Catherine’s pretty face was dark.

Initially, she wanted to obtain some information about Sarah. Her hatred toward Sarah was bone- deep. She did not expect Wesley would refuse to come clean about Sarah.

Catherine had a slight headache. After experiencing the incident with Rebecca, she felt like Sarah’s existence was a bomb. Maybe there would be a day when she would return.

Moreover, maybe Shaun’s illness could be treated by catching Sarah…

She was annoyed. When she turned around, she saw Shaun smiling at the side. It seemed like he was in a good mood.

“What are you smiling for? Are you happy that we can’ t get something on Sarah?” Catherine asked furiously.

Shaun was stunned. “What the hell is Sarah? I’ve never seen her before, and I have no impression of her.”

“She’s your first love, ” Catherine snapped. “ She’s the one who made you like this.”

“I know.” Shaun nodded. He gazed at her angry yet attractive face. “ I smiled because I feel that you’re concerned about me. Are you thinking of looking for Sarah to recover my memories?”

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