Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1788

Catherine, whose thoughts were exposed, strangely felt angry from embarrassment. “You overthink. I want to catch Sarah because she harmed my friend and her family.”

“I am not overthinking. ” Shaun suddenly grabbed her hand tightly. “Cathy, you want me to recover my memories, but whether I do recover them, I love you either way.”

“Don’t flatter yourself.” Catherine was defeated by his thick face. “Even if I want you to recover your memories, it’s not because I want to get back together with you, okay?”

“ I know, but we’ve already broken up, yet you still care whether I get my memories back or not. This means you’re still concerned about me.” Shaun smiled while revealing his rows of white teeth. “ The only memory I have left now is when you took advantage of me repeatedly when I was bathing while I still knew nothing back then. You have to be responsible for me.”

“Get lost!”

Catherine’s face flushed because of his shamelessness.

“I’m not getting lost.”

Not only did Shaun not let go, he even yanked her into his embrace.

He lowered his head and pressed his hot lips onto hers.

Only heavens knew that he had restrained himself for too long.

Not only that day but also recently, whenever he pushed him away, his heart would be in so much angst and pain, but he could only stay silent.

Initially, he did not want to be so hasty. However, when Catherine interrogated Wesley just now, he knew that she still had him in her heart.

“Shaun… Let go.”

Catherine punched his shoulders hard.

However, that man’s lips were still overpowering. They were even sweeping the insides of her mouth rampantly.

Catherine was so embarrassed that her toes were about to curl.

That b*stard. They were still in the sedan. The driver that Titus assigned to drive them was still in front. Although Titus was not there, but…

“I’m not letting go.” Shaun flipped around and pressed her against the backseat. His lips left hers for a while, and his fingers were weaving through the hair on the back of her head. “Cathy, I don’t want to let you go my whole life. You said I lost my memories and didn’t know what love was. Let me tell you this. I can’t sleep at night because I think of you, and when Hannah bullied you that day nearby Hill Corporation, this part of me…”

Shaun grabbed Catherine’s hand to put it on his chest and continued, “…hurts so much that I was about to go insane. I had the urge to kill Hannah then and there. I would think of you when I was watching movies and eating with Hannah. You said you wanted to start a new relationship this morning. This part of me was so jealous that I was about to go crazy. I’m terrified that you’ll get to know a new guy and not want me anymore. Now, I feel so smitten grabbing your hand like this. I’m very satisfied and happy kissing you like this. What is this if it isn’t love?”

His dark eyes stared at her aggressively. Intense feelings were swirling in his eyes.

Looking at his flawless, handsome face, Catherine was at a loss for words all of a sudden.

Her heart even started throbbing.

Shaun was right. What was it if it was not love? However…

“Don’t be afraid. I guarantee that I’ll never forget you again. I swear that I’ll never let you be alone again, ” Shaun’s raspy voice spoke again.

Catherine’s body stiffened.

That was right. Why did she push him away? She was just scared that she would always be the one who was abandoned. They had dated each other for so long, yet she was always the one who remembered everything.

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