Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1789

“Moreover, you’re not the abandoned one. The moment  I opened my eyes after losing my memories, I spotted  you and only you in the crowd. I couldn’t resist getting close to you, and I just wanted you to accompany me. That was because even though I lost my memories, my heart still remembered that I love you.”

Shaun kissed Catherine deeply again after he spoke. Catherine held her breath that time.

Her heart was in a mess.

She had to admit that she did not have much resistance whenever she faced this man. If not, she would not have gotten back together with him again and again.

Just as her mind was wandering, Shaun took the opportunity and kissed her deeply. He kissed her until she was out of breath.

Shaun stopped for a moment when he sensed that her breath paused.

When she got better, he kissed her deeply for the second time.

They could only hear each others’ breaths amid the silent air.

Catherine’s small face was flushed red from being kissed. Her body felt limp and weak.

In a daze, she suddenly realized that Shaun was still inexperienced in kissing before. How did he become so skilled in just a short time?

Could it be…

A flame of fury burned in her heart. She pushed him away abruptly.

Shaun was immersed in the kiss. When he was pushed aside all of a sudden, his handsome face was puzzled and blushing. His whole being exuded temptation.

“Cathy, what’s wrong?” When he spoke, his throat was hoarse.

“Go away.” Catherine glared at him with hazy eyes.

Shaun’s heart went soft from her glare. He quickly went forward to coax her. “Did I kiss you too hard? I’ll be softer next time…”

Catherine covered her ears. He was about to drive her insane.

Could he have some shame in him? They were still in another person’s car.

“ Shaun, can you shut up? We can talk after we get out of the car.”

Catherine glared at him. Her flushed, small face was filled with fury and embarrassment.

“ …Okay. ” Shaun stared at her lips which were red from the kissing. His heart was utterly soft.

The driver was speechless. “ ”

‘Uhh, the young couple behind finally stopped.’

It was the most awkward drive in the ten years of his driving career. He desperately hoped he could turn deaf.

The driver was already 40 years old, yet he still had to witness such a public display of affection.

Ten minutes later, the driver parked the car in front of a mall. He bit the bullet and said, “Miss Jones, we’ve arrived. Do you need me to wait here and send you back later?”

“No need. You can go back first.” Catherine quickly got out of the car.

She swore that she did not want to sit in that driver’s car anymore her whole life. She was too embarrassed.

When the driver left, she quickly rushed into the mall.

However, before she could go inside, Shaun pulled her into his embrace again. He held her petite hands tightly and interlocked their fingers. “You said we’d talk after we got out of the car.”

Catherine looked around. They were at the plaza near the entrance of the mall. There were many people there. “Talk about what? What’s there to talk about? Can you not hug me in public?”

“Let’s find somewhere without people to talk slowly then.”

Shaun did not wait for Catherine to agree. He pulled her to the other side of the mall right away. After that, he used one hand and pressed her against the wall. “Now there’s no one here. We can chat slowly.”

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