Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1790

Catherine rolled her pretty eyes. After a moment, she raised her head and said while smiling, “After not meeting you for some time, your kissing skills have improved, huh?”

Shaun was stunned. After realizing something, his thin lips curved. “You’re jealous?”

“No, ” Catherine refused to admit. She showed indifference like it was not her business. “But I’m a little obsessed with cleanliness.”

Shaun stared at her for a while. After laughing, he pinched her cheeks lightly. “Don’t worry. I’ve never kissed Hannah before.”

“Haha, who are you lying to? ” Catherine did not believe him at all.

“Cathy,  I’m  a clean freak too. I only hugged Hannah for a short moment. Usually, she’s the one who takes the initiative. She wanted to kiss me before, but I avoided her. Every time her red lips come near, I’d feel disgusted. At most, she only kissed my face. There was once when she was more proactive during a meal. She came over to sit on my thigh and touched me. In order to make her believe that I have feelings for her, I imagined the scene of you bathing me, only then I had a reaction.”

Shaun gazed at Catherine honestly. What he said

was the truth.

Nevertheless, that truth made Catherine feel slightly awkward.

Could he stop mentioning the bathing incident? It made her look like a pervert.

However, when Catherine heard that Hannah had touched Shaun, she still felt uncomfortable. “Where did she touch you?”

“ I’ll tell you right now. ” Shaun grabbed her hand all of a sudden.

Catherine was so startled that her face flushed red. She kept withdrawing her hand. “I don’t want to touch it. Let go.”

“No, you must.” Shaun exerted more force. “Shaun, how can you be so shameless? You…”

Just as Catherine’s voice rang, she saw him placing her hand on his chest.

“This is the spot where Hannah touched. ” Shaun

looked at her intriguingly. “If not, where do you think she touched?”

“How would I know?” Catherine felt as if she was about to combust.

Gosh, what was she thinking? She thought…

“Cathy, you’re a little dirty.” Shaun smiled playfully.

“You’re the dirty one. Your whole family is dirty.” Catherine had the urge to dig a hole and be buried inside it. “Who asked you to talk about it so ambiguously? Anyway, I don’t really believe you. If you hadn’t kissed her, how did you become so skilled suddenly?”

“Oh, so you were thinking I was very skilled when I was kissing you just now huh.” Shaun was quite pleased.

“Shaun, don’t keep changing the topic.” Catherine’s teeth bit her lower lip. Her angry expression looked like a pufferfish.

“Cathy, I’m a mature man now. Some things come to me naturally. Moreover, this is a bodily instinct. Look at my fighting skills and some other sports. They’re all as good as before.”

Shaun pointed at his head. “Even if I lost my memories, some things just stay there like they never went away.”

Catherine looked at him, unconvinced.

Shaun lowered his head and kissed her forehead. “ Don’t worry. I won’t kiss anybody else except you. ”

“That is none of my business. Move.”

Catherine pushed him hard. She thought she looked embarrassing. Why did she lose all defenses so quickly because of his sweet words?

It was only the first day.

“I’m not moving.” Shaun hugged Catherine tightly. “Let me hug you for a while.”

She pushed him twice for show. As she could not push him away, she could only bury her face in his embrace.

Forget it. It seemed like she could not have any defenses against this man.

When Shaun felt Catherine stopped moving and was resting in his embrace like a kitten, the corners of his mouth lifted happily. “Cathy, I just realized that when I’m with the person I like, I’ll feel happy even if we do nothing and just hug each other like this.”

Catherine’s eyelashes trembled.

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