Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1792

Freya grinned. “Besides, she said she’ll introduce to you men of good character and from influential families. Their parents and elders are also loving and harmonious couples.”

Catherine said awkwardly, “Actually… Shaun and I… are almost back together again.”

“Huh?” Freya raised her voice.

“Calm down. Don’t scare the child in your belly. ” Catherine quickly appeased her.

“No, you told me a few days ago that you broke up with Shaun and that him dating Hannah had nothing to do with you. How long ago was that? Yet, you’re getting back together with him again?”

Freya looked at her with disappointment. “I know Shaun wasn’t sincere in pursuing Hannah, but don’t you have a backbone? At the very least, you have to drag on for at least a few more months and torture him thoroughly. Not even a day has passed, and you’re already getting back together with him.” Catherine bowed her head in shame, feeling quite useless.

She was very determined in the morning, but she surrendered by the afternoon.

Shaun’s offensive power was too fierce, and he was good at sweet-talking her.

“Forget it. You’ve probably fallen into a pit called ‘ Shaun Hill’ and can’t get out.” Freya shook her head in exasperation. “ I’ve thought about it all. I thought I’d introduce to you some good men so that Shaun would feel regretful and annoyed for emotionally abusing his wife.”

“Although I’m starting to be okay with him, that doesn’t stop me from staying cold and indifferent. I’ll continue pretending.” Catherine tried her best to regain her dignity.

“That’s true. At the very least, you have to persevere for three days before allowing him to take you to bed.” Freya encouraged her.

Catherine was at a loss for words.

In Freya’s eyes, she could only persevere for three days?

Forget it. She would not bicker with her.

After that, the two women went on a crazy shopping spree. By 6:00 p.m, they had successfully

procured more than ten bags each.

“Let’s find a place to eat first. I’m starving. ” Now that Freya was pregnant, she could not go hungry at all.

“There’s no need to find a place. I’ve already made a reservation for Tangent Private Kitchen.”

“Not bad for foreseeing it. It’s quite difficult to make a reservation in that restaurant, but I’ve heard that the food there is good.” Freya praised as they took the elevator upstairs.

When they arrived at the room, they found someone already waiting there. The person had her back to the door and was flipping through the menu. Her long honey-colored hair draped over her shoulders, and she wore a light tan trench coat with blue jeans. It was a very simple outfit. However, when she turned around and revealed her clear but dazzling face, Freya instantly felt this scene could belong as a picture on the front of magazines or as phone wallpaper.

Some people were just born to be stars.

“Eliza, you’re back. ” Freya was overjoyed. “Have you recovered?”

“Yeah.” Eliza smiled. “I’ve been busy recently shooting commercials. I’m about to join a film crew.”

“I didn’t expect you to come tonight.” Freya glared at Catherine. “You didn’t even tell me. If I knew, I would’ve asked her to come shopping with us.”

“Forget it. If I accompanied you, we’d be stalked by paparazzi.”

Eliza smiled. “Plus, I was working this afternoon.” “That’s true. Celebrities are very busy.”

Freya sighed. “It’s only been a month since we last met, but it feels like a long time has passed.”

“Yeah.” Catherine felt the same way. Too many things have happened recently. “Eliza, thank you. ” Although she did not leave in the end, she would not forget how Eliza threw her a lifeline when she was helpless.

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