Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1793

What are you guys talking about?” Freya could not understand them at all. “Are you keeping secrets behind my back?”

“Eliza did me a favor a while ago. ” Catherine did not say anything specific. She thought that it was better not to reveal the person that Eliza knew. “ Let’s order.”

The food here was good and special in its own way.

Surprisingly, the three women had endless topics to talk about, from clothes to gossip to hobbies.

“By the way, there hasn’t been any news about Cindy recently. Has she been blacklisted? She was originally engaged to Chester, but there hasn’t been news about that either,” Freya suddenly asked.

The room fell silent, and Eliza brushed her long hair. “I’m not too sure. I haven’t been to the company lately.”

“She probably pissed Chester off after she contacted Rebecca a while ago,” Catherine said. “ I heard Shaun mentioned that before Rebecca died,

Cindy seemed to have taken the initiative to introduce Titus and Sheryl to Chester’s parents, with Rebecca acting as the middleman.”

Freya understood. “I got it. She wanted to appear capable before Chester’s parents by acting like she knew the Costner family. However, the Costner family was targeting Shaun, who’s Chester’s good friend, so she touched Chester’s nerve. She should’ve known better.”

“Yeah.” Catherine smiled. “Eliza, is Chester still pestering you?”

“ I left Canberra a while ago and haven’t seen him since.” A conflicted look flashed in Eliza’s eye at the mention of that man.

“He has probably lost interest in you.” Freya grinned. “As long as he’s not pestering you anymore, it’s good. If you want to date, I can introduce you to some quality men any time. I can find someone who’s both powerful and handsome for you.”

“You seem very keen to be a matchmaker recently.” Catherine was amused.

“Hehe. It’s because I can’t have them for myself, and when I see such excellent men, I can’t bear to let them go to other people either.”

Just as she finished speaking, her phone rang. It was from Rodney.

She picked it up lazily. “What?”

“Where are you? I’ll pick you up,” Rodney said.

“Dude, do you know what time it is now? It’s only 8 p.m.” Freya complained angrily. “I’m still chatting with my friends.”

“My daughter has to go to bed by 9:30 p.m.”

Freya was speechless. They had not identified the child’s gender, yet he insisted that the child in her belly was a girl. “Heh, your daughter lies in my stomach all day. My belly is her bed. She can sleep whenever she wants.”

“She’ll be more comfortable lying in a bed.” Rodney did not give her the chance to refuse. “

You’re with Catherine, right? If you don’t come back, I’ll call her and tell her to persuade you. In the meantime, I’ll also ask her if it’s true that pregnant women should go to bed early and refrain from staying up late.”

“You’re nuts.” Freya was furious. After thinking about it, she glanced at the bags on the ground and finally told him the address.

“Is Rodney urging you to go home?” Catherine teased.

“He’s so annoying, ” Freya grumbled.

“Pregnant women should sleep early. ” Catherine looked at the time and agreed. “Eliza will send me home later. You should go back with Rodney.”

“Will you two eat supper together behind my back?” Freya asked painfully.

Catherine held back her laughter and exchanged a glance with Eliza before shaking her head. “We won’t.”

“Young Master Snow will be here soon, so we’ll head off now.” Eliza suddenly looked at the time and said, “If Rodney sees me here, he might tell Chester, and I don’t want to have anything to do with him.”

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