Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1794

“Sure.”  Catherine agreed.

After sitting for 20 minutes or so, Catherine and Eliza left first.

It had yet been ten minutes since they left when Rodney came in wearing a white suit. His skin was very fair, and his beautiful eyes and red lips gave him a bewitching presence. Along with his slender legs, he looked just like a noble prince.

Although Freya saw this face every day, she still could not help but sigh.

He was a man, yet he looked even better than her. Ugh.

“Why are you alone? Where’s Catherine?” Rodney looked at the room. It was quite big, and there were three bowls on the table. “You ate with two other people tonight? Who’s the third person? Freya Lynch, you aren’t eating out with another man behind my back, are you?”

Freya rolled her eyes at him. “ I’d love to, but I’m married to you. What man would be willing to have dinner with me?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Annoyed, Rodney frowned. “Are you that eager to find a second love?”

“All I can say is… the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” Freya touched her bulging belly and deliberately said it mysteriously.

Rodney glared at her angrily, wanting nothing more than to eat her up.

Freya pretended not to see. Anyway, it was his fault for saying that first thing after coming through the door. What did he mean by her eating out with another man behind his back? He made it seem as if she was very indecent.

Did he forget why they got married in the first place?

Rodney glared at her until his eyes hurt. When she did not respond, he glanced to the side and noticed that the ground was full of bags of new clothes, to which he scoffed. “What? Did you buy so many clothes because you want to dress up and look for a man after you’ve given birth to the child?”

Freya let out a snort and said sarcastically, “How do you know me so well?”

Rodney felt like his chest was about to explode with anger. At the thought  of her dressing up and wearing sultry clothes to seduce other men, he became furious. “In your dreams, Freya Lynch.”

Then, he picked up the paper bags on the ground.

“Rodney, what are you doing?” Freya had a bad feeling.

Ignoring her, Rodney picked up the paper bags and walked out with them. A beautiful young waitress just so happened to walk over, and he handed all the bags to her. “These are for you.”

The waitress was dumbfounded. She had worked here for so long, so she naturally recognized the brands on the bags, which were the most expensive luxury brands in the mall. She had secretly gone to browse through them before, but even a short- sleeved blouse cost seven to eight thousand dollars. What was more, the clothes inside the bag were all from the new autumn series.

Besides, this man was very handsome and looked like a celebrity. Could it be…

The waitress’s heart suddenly pounded.

“You b*stard. How can you give my clothes away?” Freya was furious and walked over to grab the bags. “I spent my own money on these. If you want to please another woman, you can go and buy them yourself.”

“Freya, I’m telling you. You’ll have a potbelly even after you’ve given birth, so you won’t be able to fit in these clothes. I’m giving them away for your own good.”

Rodney’s words pierced Freya’s heart like sharp arrows.

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