Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1797

Rodney was too ashamed  to lift his head.

He also did not understand why he would always say so many unpleasant words and go too far with his actions every time he was with Freya.

He did not want it to be like this. Wendy let out a long sigh.

Although she gave birth to him, he had been beaten, scolded, and even kicked out of the family before. Why was he still like this?

She really did not know what to do. “What’s the use of apologizing to us? You should apologize to Freya instead. You should apologize to her parents and your child. You’d better pray that the child is born safely, and you should beg for Freya to forgive you. Think about it. You two got together because of the child, but you were only forced to get married to keep the Snow family’s reputation. Now that the child is born, it doesn’t seem like Freya will want to be with you anymore.”

Those words made Rodney inexplicably upset. “

Mom, now that the child is born, how can we get a divorce? It won’t be good for the child.”

“Hah, you might think so, but others might not feel the same.” Wendy sneered mockingly.

The ‘others’ she was referring to was naturally Freya.

Rodney muttered, “I’ll persuade her.”

To the side, Eliza and Catherine exchanged looks.

They were both very angry at Rodney, but the Snow family was there. Moreover, they had already beaten and scolded him, so it was not appropriate for them to interrupt.

All they could do now was wait for Freya to give birth to the child.

After a long time, the situation in the delivery room finally quieted down.

Before long, the nurse came out with a baby in her arms. Knowing that the identity of the people outside was extraordinary, the doctor smiled and said, “Congratulations, Madam. Mrs. Snow gave birth to a little girl. She’s six pounds and very healthy.”

“Thank you so much.” Wendy passed the doctor an envelope and quickly took the swaddled baby.

Rodney also looked over excitedly. His little daughter had just come out of Freya’s belly, so she looked wrinkled like a little monkey. “This… This is my child? I’m so handsome, but why is she so…”

“Shut up.”

The Snow family warned him in unison.

Everyone knew that no good words ever came out of his mouth.

Rodney felt aggrieved, and Wendy glared at him. “ Newborn babies are all like this. They’ll grow.

Besides, look at those eyes and that little mouth and nose. She’s so pretty. The Snow family has no bad-looking genes.”

“That’s right.” Jason also nodded and asked,  “ How’s the mother? Why hasn’t she come out yet?”

“She has a tear down there, so the doctor is stitching her up.” The nurse smiled and said, “ Please leave the baby to me. I have to give her a bath.”

“I’ll go with you. Rodney, stay here.” Wendy followed the nurse and left.

Not long after they left, Chester came over. Dressed in a white coat, he looked graceful and handsome.

His dark eyes glanced at all the people present, and his gaze paused for a few seconds on the woman beside Catherine.

Eliza frowned and subconsciously hid behind Catherine.

Catherine looked up and nodded at Chester with a smile.

Chester raised his brows and walked over to Rodney, whom he patted on the shoulder. “ Congratulations.”

Rodney was still quite overwhelmed. When he heard Chester’s voice, he smiled. “Chester, you’re late. You didn’t see my daughter. She was just born, and the nurse took her to take a bath. I still can’t believe that I’m a father now.”

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