Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1798

“Be a good father from now on, ” Chester said in a low voice. “It’s not easy for a woman to give birth. Treat her well.”

“I will.” Rodney nodded. “I suddenly feel like a different person. I have responsibilities now.”

After more than ten minutes, Freya was pushed out of the delivery room. Her little face was pale, and her forehead was still wet. She looked drowsy and weak.

Rodney leaned over, and his heart clenched when he saw her. His thin lips moved, and he said, “Freya, are… are you okay?”

Freya’s eyelashes fluttered, but she ignored him.

Rodney was upset.

The nurse pushed the hospital bed to the VIP ward and said, “Young Master Snow, please carry your wife to the bed.”

Rodney bent over and was prepared to carry Freya when she opened her eyes and stared at him in hatred. “Don’t touch me.”

Rodney’s body stiffened. With so many people watching, he whispered in embarrassment, “How will you get on the bed if I don’t carry you? Freya, don’t be so strong-headed. You’re at your weakest now.”

“Even if I have to crawl over by myself, I won’t let you carry me there.”

Freya forced herself to sit up. She had just gotten stitches down there, so her body trembled with pain as she moved.

Since Catherine had been through this before, she quickly held Freya up. “Eliza, let’s carry her together.”

With that, the two women carried Freya to the large bed.

Just then, Wendy came in holding the cleaned baby.

Freya opened her eyes, and when she looked at the child in front of her, mixed feelings welled up in her heart.

She definitely liked children.

However, she would never forget that this baby was the reason she married a b*stard like Rodney.

At that thought about her premature birth, her eyes could not help but redden.

She wanted to divorce him, but she did not want to give up this child, whom she had suffered so much to give birth to.

However, she felt very tired to continue living a life with Rodney.

“Rodney…” Jason gave Rodney a look.

Rodney obediently went to the bedside and apologized. “Freya, I’m sorry. It was my fault. I’m a prick. I shouldn’t have said those words to aggravate you…”

“You didn’t say anything wrong. I do have a potbelly.” Freya interrupted him coldly.

Wendy said, “Freya, I’ve already given him a beating just now. He’s just a b*stard who doesn’t know how to watch his words. Now that you’ve given birth, it won’t be the same anymore. There will always be fights between a married couple, but you’ll be fine after a while.”

“Rodney, you can’t behave like this anymore. It wasn’t easy for Freya to give birth to your child. From now on, you have to work hard for the children and give them a happy family. You don’t wish for your child to live in an unfortunate single- parent family, right?”

“I will, Mom.” Rodney hurriedly nodded.

Catherine secretly sighed. Madam Snow was really good with her words. Not only did she teach Rodney a lesson, but she also reminded Freya of the disadvantages of a child living in a single -parent family.

Freya also felt uncomfortable. However, after a while, she finally said, “We only got married for the sake of the child and Godfather’s reputation. Now that the child has been born and Godfather’s  position as prime minister is stable, I don’t think we need to go on like this anymore.”

Rodney’s expression changed. “ I told you I didn’t mean it before. If you didn’t say that you were looking for a second love, I wouldn’t have gotten so angry.”

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