Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1799

“Did I say I was looking for a second love?” Freya sneered. “It was you who suspected me of going out for dinner with another man behind your back as soon as you entered the door. Rodney, all I did was buy some clothes I liked. I didn’t even spend your money. What gives you the right to give my clothes away to another woman? I’ve had enough with you. I hate you so much.”

Every word she said was like a hammer slamming on his heart.

If it were in the past, Rodney would have lost his temper immediately.

However, seeing her weak appearance after giving birth, his thin lips pursed in distress.

Jason looked at the two and felt his head hurt. “ Freya, you just gave birth. Let’s not talk about this for now. I think the child should be hungry…”

“Yes,  she must be hungry. You’ll have to nurse her.” Wendy hurriedly called in the lactation specialist and told everyone to go out, leaving only Catherine and Eliza inside.

“Do you really want to get a divorce? ” Catherine looked at Freya in worry. “Don’t be impulsive.

Besides… if you get divorced, the Snow family will definitely want custody of the child.”

Freya turned to look at the baby’s soft and lovely face and felt her heart clench painfully.

She did not feel it before her daughter was born, but now that she was born, she realized that this was a life that she did not want to give up so easily.

Upon thinking that she could not see her daughter in the future, she felt heartbroken.

“But I can’t stand that man anymore.” Having just given birth, Freya felt so aggrieved that her tears rolled down her cheeks. “He’s such an *sshole. If he didn’t piss me off today, I wouldn’t have gone into premature labor. I don’t care. When my parents come, I want to divorce him.”

Outside the ward. Rodney looked dejected.

He did not expect Freya to divorce him as soon as she gave birth.

“What were you thinking?” Jason looked at him coldly.

Wendy said anxiously, “Of course, they can’t get a divorce. The child will suffer.”

“What if she’s determined to get one?” Jason snapped. “What Freya said was not wrong. We all know why they got married back then. They have no feelings for each other.”

Everyone fell silent.

Rodney suddenly panicked. “What… do you guys mean? You won’t support her in getting a divorce, right?”

This time, even Heidi could not hold back anymore. “If you don’t want a divorce, then make her change her mind. We have no reason to stop you two from divorcing each other and insist on you staying together.”

“When Freya’s parents arrive later, I don’t have the face to tell them that it was you who caused her premature birth. ” Wendy accused in annoyance. “ She just bought a few clothes, and you made such thoughtless remarks. If I were her, I’d be fed up with you too. It’s one thing to refuse to spend money on her, but another to push her to the edge all day. If I hadn’t given birth to you, I’d be too ashamed to admit that you’re my son. You’re a disgrace.”

Rodney was speechless. Was he that bad?

He thought that Freya dressed up because she wanted to look for a second love.

Also, it was not that he refused to spend money on her. It was her who did not want to spend his money. Why was he called the stingy one instead?

Rodney was aggrieved, very aggrieved.

About half an hour later, the door of the ward opened again.

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