Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1802

“You’re here just in time. What the hell did you do to Freya?” Forrest punched Rodney as he asked.

Rodney stumbled back a few steps and hit the door threshold. He was stunned. As Young Master Snow, he was rarely beaten like this. After his uncle became the prime minister, he was looked up to no matter where he went.

Deep down, he was angry. However, when faced with the accusing eyes of the Lynch family, that anger was seemingly stifled and could not be released.

“That’s… Forrest, calm down.” Rodney raised his hand and hurriedly looked at Catherine, the only calm person in the ward, for help.

Catherine looked at the washboard in his hand and sighed as she walked up. “Uncle, Aunty, listen to what he has to say.”

“Let him speak.”

Mr. Lynch said in a cold voice, “Rodney Snow, I know your status is extraordinary, but you should know very well why you got married. Although our Lynch family is small, Freya has come this far because your family forced her to. Yes, you guys made her the prime minister’s goddaughter, but do you think my family cares about building a relationship with the prime minister? She  has  to face the same amount of danger as the amount of glory she has. Just take the incident with Gavin Mead. If she hadn’t gotten involved with the Snow family, would she have had to live in fear every day?”

“That’s right. It’s not as if our family has no money.” Mrs. Lynch also agreed. “During the engagement, you looked down on my daughter and wanted to hook up with another woman. You even made Freya get an abortion. After that woman didn’t want you, you came back to Freya again. I’ve always wanted to ask you this. Who do you think you are? What’s wrong with my daughter? Why should she be your backup? Are you worthy of her?”

Rodney went ashen from their accusations.

After a few moments, he gnashed his teeth and put the washing board on the ground to kneel on it.

It hurt. It really f*cking hurt.

The people in the ward were all stunned. Even Freya was shocked.

“I’m sorry. It was my fault. It was because I quarreled with Freya that she went into premature labor.”

Rodney took out a black card from his pocket. His handsome eyes looked at Freya pitifully. “You were right to scold me. As a man, not only did I not give you money, but I even gave away the clothes that you bought. I’m not human. From now on, you can keep this card and spend it on whatever you want to. I’ve also bought the mall that you shopped at earlier. It’s under your name now, so you can go shopping without spending any money.

“Later, the mall will send over new magazines for this season. No matter if it’s shoes or clothes, whatever you like can be sent over.”

Freya’s pale lips opened in slight surprise. He had bought the entire mall for her?

That mall was one of the few megamalls in the capital. It should cost a lot of money, right?

Furthermore, a stubborn man like Rodney was actually kneeling on a washboard for her in front of other people.

Freya thought her eyes and ears were playing tricks on her. Was she hallucinating?

Not to mention Freya, even Catherine admired Rodney’s actions.

She only told Rodney to compensate Freya with clothes, but he went all out and bought the entire mall.

Forrest frowned coldly. “Rodney Snow, I admit that you’re very generous with materialistic things, but what a woman needs is emotional satisfaction. You don’t even know how to be patient with your pregnant wife and aggravated her so much that she went into premature labor. What makes you qualified to be her husband?”

“I’ll change in the future, Brother.”

Rodney looked at the child in the cradle pitifully. “ Besides, it’s her confinement period now, and I need to help take care of the child. Otherwise, Freya will have a hard time. I swear that I can do all the dirty work. Freya only needs to make sure that she’s comfortable during her confinement period. If you guys are still worried, you can personally stay to supervise, Mother-in-law. Think about it. The baby is so young. She’ll be miserable without a father.”

He admitted his mistake with a good attitude and used the child to poke their weak spot.

For a moment, Mr. and Mrs. Lynch did not know what to say.

In any case, divorce was not good for the child, and Freya was also in her confinement period.

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