Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1807

“That’s impossible.” Catherine instantly blew up like a barrel of dynamite. Her face was flushed.

How could she have done something so ridiculous? There was no way.

She was not that hungry for it. Although she used to be a little unsatisfied because of his previous condition…

However, she could not be that devoid of self- control.

“If you don’t believe me, I can swear…” Shaun raised his hand.

“Enough.” Catherine interrupted him and suppressed her anger. “Even if I didn’t push you away, it was because I was sleeping. I wasn’t aware of my actions at all. When I woke up, I told you to go away, but you still refused.”

Shaun pursed his delicate lips and looked at her deep in the eyes. “By then, I couldn’t control myself anymore. Cathy, you’ re so attractive. I’m just a normal man…”

Catherine gritted her teeth. Although she was very dejected, she did feel a little pleased. But…

She suddenly thought of something, and her beautiful face turned cold. “Shaun, has your memory recovered?”


“Then did you sleep with Hannah?” Catherine suddenly became furious. Her chest felt like it was about to explode with anger. “Don’t try to lie to me. You’re too experienced. Don’t tell me that it was inborn. You… have more moves than before.”

So much that she was completely overwhelmed.

She remembered that Shaun was still ignorant and inexperienced not long ago.

For him to become so good so suddenly, Catherine could only think that Hannah was the one who taught him.

As soon as she thought about him having a relationship with Hannah, she became heartbroken and angry. She felt disgusted as if she had just eaten rancid food.

“I didn’t…” Shaun was uncomfortable with her questioning.

He did not expect her to be so distrustful of him. “I told you before. The furthest I’ve ever gone with Hannah was her kissing my face. We didn’t even kiss on the mouth.”

Catherine sneered. “Then tell me where you learned these? Shaun Hill, if you don’t tell me, we’re over.”

Shaun frowned frustratingly. After a long time, he muttered, “I learned it from the computer.”


Catherine could not believe it.

“Didn’t Rodney come to Hill Manor to visit me some time ago? He gave me a USB flash drive full of it.” Shaun secretly glanced at her. “After losing my memory, I knew nothing, but I understood once I watched it. Cathy, you’ve been taking advantage of me.”

Catherine was embarrassed. She really had the urge to drop a rock on her own feet.

She did not expect that b*stard Rodney to show Shaun something like that.

At that time, Shaun was still as simple as a blank canvas, but Rodney ruined it all.

“You’re not allowed to watch anymore.” She deliberately put on a grim face and ignored his sentence of  ‘you took advantage of me’. “Shaun Hill, don’t you feel disgusted when looking at other women?”

“I was… trying to understand and learn from experience. ” Shaun smiled and squeezed her small hand. “I won’t do it again. Don’t be angry, Cathy.”

Not knowing what to say, Catherine scoffed and looked away.

Shaun put down the bowl and hugged her from behind. He could only say in a low voice, “Cathy, tell me… Was the older me better or the current me?”

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