Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1808

Catherine’s scalp tingled. She should not have pursued it. “Uh… I’m hungry. Hurry up and pass me the pasta. I’m starving.”

She quickly took the bowl.

“Cathy…” Shaun refused to let her go and clasped her in his arms tightly. “Answer me.”

“ Shaun, don’t go too far. ” Catherine’s face turned red.

“Answer me, or I’ll have to practice on you again. ” Shaun turned her little face over to face him.

Catherine was so embarrassed that she quickly dodged his eyes. “Jeez, alright. You used to be sick, so what’s there to compare?”

“Then where did Suzie and Lucas come from? I can’t have been sick all the time, right?” Shaun

raised his brows. He looked like he would not give up until he got an answer.

Catherine was speechless. Whether it was the old or current him, it was still him. What was there to compare? Moreover, was she shameless?

“Fine. You’re better now.”

In the end, she really was shameless.

After that, she flung his hand away and picked up the bowl before she started to eat the pasta.

Shaun looked at her with a smile. “Eat slowly, Cathy. Don’t choke.”

He poured a cup of water and put it in front of her.

Catherine was quite full after eating a bowl of pasta. “By the way, who sent Suzie and Lucas to preschool today?”

“Me. I woke up at 6:00 a.m. and rushed to the manor. I came back after sending them off.”

He said lazily while playing with a long lock of hair on her shoulder.

Catherine was stunned. Considering that he went to bed very late last night, slept on the sofa, and even got up early in the morning to exercise, his physical strength really was extraordinary. However…

“Why don’t you take a nap?” Catherine hesitated before saying, “After all, you’re not a young man anymore…”

“What are you trying to say?” Shaun raised his brows and asked pensively.

“Ahem. What I mean is… You’re in your thirties,  and your physical fitness is declining, so you should take care of yourself— Ah!”

Before she could finish her sentence, he took her into his arms and spanked her a few times.

“I’m in perfectly good health. ” Shaun gnashed his teeth and said in her ear, “You don’t have to remind me of my age constantly, or I’ll prove it to you.”


Frightened, Catherine hurriedly cupped his handsome face. “I’m just concerned about you.”

“Thanks for your concern, ” Shaun smirked. “ But don’t worry. I definitely won’t die before you. I won’t leave you alone in this world. Even if I’m not well, I’ll hold on until you leave before I leave too. ”

In fact, once people grew old, the ones left behind were the ones who suffered the most.

Upon hearing that, Catherine’s heart warmed up. She hugged him tightly without saying a word.

“Cathy, let’s go on a family trip,” Shaun suddenly said. “I told Lucas and Suzie this morning that we hadn’t gone on a holiday yet. They were very happy.”

“Can we wait until Freya’s confinement period ends?” Catherine frowned. She, too, wanted to  go out and have fun as a family of four, but she was worried about Freya’s state.

“You want to be the third wheel while she’s in her confinement?” Shaun disagreed. “Since you’ve helped Rodney, that means you want them to reconcile. The confinement month is the most vulnerable time for women, and it’s also the most suitable time for them to cultivate their  feelings. It’s not appropriate for you to keep running over.” Catherine paused. It seemed like he was right. “ Then… When are we going?”

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