Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1809

“Tomorrow? ” Shaun raised his eyebrows. “First, we’ll take my dad’s private jet to visit Country Y. By the way, my dad has also asked me to take Suzie

and Lucas to visit his company. After all, those two little ones will take over the company in the future.”

Catherine was at a loss for words.

All of a sudden, her heart ached a little for Suzie and Lucas. They were so young, yet so many people wanted to give them such huge assets.

First, it was Hill Corporation, and now it was Garson Corporation. They were multinational corporations with assets worth hundreds of billions. How tired would they be in the future?

“We can also live in my dad’s castle. It’s next to the sea, which is apparently a half an hour’s drive away.” Shaun held her hand and said, “We can also go to his winery for some wine tasting.”

Catherine took a deep breath. “Okay, let’s go tomorrow.”

“You’re not going to accompany Freya anymore?” Shaun raised his eyebrows.

Catherine coughed and said nonchalantly, “I think that what you said was right. The confinement period is the best time for them to bond with each other. I can’t be their third wheel.”

Come on. They were going to live in a castle, relax at the beach, and even sip wine at a winery. Coupled with the wonderland-like scenery of Country Y, who would not want to go there to relax and unwind?

She wanted nothing more than to take the private jet there now.

That evening, Catherine took Suzie and Lucas with her to visit Freya.

They just so happened to see Rodney clumsily changing the baby’s diaper.

“Wow, Mommy, the baby is so cute.” Suzie leaned over and poked the baby’s cute little face with her fingers.

Rodney grinned. “If you like them,  tell your mom to give you another one.”

Catherin was speechless. She would go crazy if she gave birth to a pair of twins again.

“No need. Mommy already has us.” Lucas said coolly, “Besides, one younger sister is bad enough.  I don’t want my life to be even more annoying.”

“Who are you calling annoying, huh? I haven’t even complained about that stinky face of yours,” Suzie retorted with a huff.

The little baby frowned because of their quarrel.

Catherine quickly said, “Don’ t disturb the baby’s sleep. By the way, have you given her a name yet?”

“My grandfather has named her Danielle, short for Dani, ” Rodney said.

“That sounds nice.”

Catherine nodded and allowed the children to accompany Dani. Then, she went to chat with Freya. “Are you feeling better?”

“Nope, it hurts, ” Freya said weakly. “I have to face Rodney all day too. I feel like I can’t breathe.”

“ If you don’ t face him, do you want him to leave you alone?” Freya laughed. “You carried a baby for ten months and worked so hard to give birth. Are you willing to let him be a father comfortably without contributing to anything?”

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