Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1811

“Sure enough…”

Freya’s expression clearly showed that she had grasped the point.

Blushing, Catherine swiftly made an excuse to leave with her two kids.

Knowing that her best friend would be going on a vacation with her family, Freya gazed at the ceiling with jealousy and sighed.

“What’s wrong… with you? Are you hungry?” Rodney asked as he approached her cautiously while carrying the baby.

Freya shot a stony look at him. “Cathy will be traveling to Country Y with her family, yet all I can do is lay here. I’m jealous. It’s been ages since I last went on a vacation, especially after I got pregnant. ”

“We can go on a vacation after your confinement period is over. ” After Rodney casually finished his sentence, it dawned on him that he had never traveled anywhere with Freya despite having married her for a long time. They had never even spent the night in other places.

In fact, traveling was rather a good idea.

As soon as this idea flashed across his mind, Rodney came up with a suggestion. “We can go to the beach and bring a few sitters along.”

“I don’t want to travel with you, ” Freya said coldly.

Rodney breathed in and thought that he should not get angry at her.

Freya threw a glance at him. “I heard you sent quite a number of videos to Shaun. You must’ve watched them a lot, right? I didn’t know you were such a pervert. It’s already bad enough that you do it alone, but why did you have to influence Shaun?”

His cover was blown out of the blue.

Rodney’s mind turned blank for a moment before his strikingly exquisite face flushed.

His head buzzed as he never expected Catherine to find out about it and even inform Freya. However, Shaun had gone too far. Rodney shared his secret with Shaun, yet Shaun gave it away. How despicable.

“ I … I downloaded those videos for Shaun’s sake.

When he lost his memory previously, he was like a blank slate. I just wanted him to understand the things that happen between a man and a woman so that he can protect himself. You just don’t understand my intention at all.”

Rodney kept denying it.

Even so, Freya did not believe him at all.  “People say that a woman tends to become stupid after they give birth, but I didn’t turn into a fool. Do you think I’ll buy it? It’s a fact that you did it. If you had just admitted it, I would’ve considered you a brave man. I didn’t expect that you’d be so afraid of admitting it. Shame on you, Rodney Snow.”

Her contempt for him made his blood boil. “Drop it, Freya.”

“I really wonder why you watched so much of it when you can’t even do it with any woman, ” Freya teased him.

“You…” Rodney felt deeply humiliated. Rage welled up inside him.

Even the newborn baby appeared to be aware of it. She immediately pouted and bawled.

Rodney was so shocked that he promptly calmed the baby and said, “Don’t cry, Dani. I didn’t mean it… Please don’t cry…. My darling… Don’t cry…”

No matter how he tried to calm Dani, she did not seem to be bothered about her father.

Freya was speechless. She felt that Rodney was really awful at soothing others.

“Pass her to me.” She stretched out her arms as she could not bear to see her baby cry.

Once she carried her baby, she started comforting her softly. Shortly after, Dani stopped crying.

Rodney looked at her gentle gaze when she was soothing Dani. Then, he turned his eyes to Dani and saw her smiling. Deep down, he found it miraculous. “I  didn’t know that… you’re pretty good at soothing people.”

“I used to take care of Cathy’s kids overseas, so I have some experience, ” Freya said, “You need to be patient when it comes to soothing kids.”


It was rare to see Rodney listen to Freya obediently. He gazed intently  at her movements and pretty eyes.

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