Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1812

Freya had always given Rodney the cold shoulder and treated him with resentment. However, when she faced the baby, an indulgent and gentle smile spread across her face as though she had turned into a different person.

Despite her slightly pale face, her features were still pretty and attractive. It seemed as though her smile could melt the snow.

At the sight of her unusually quiet and gentle face, Rodney could not bring himself to interrupt her. He pursed his thin lips and quieted down.

Only when Freya lifted her head once again did she notice that Rodney was obediently sitting beside her in silence.

The scene was a little weird.

“Why are you sitting here? Go away. I’m going to breastfeed.” Freya glowered at him.

Rodney blinked. “Go ahead. I’m not stopping you.”

Freya was at a loss for words.

She wondered if he was trying to stay here on purpose.

Although he was not stopping her, she… felt embarrassed.

Rodney remained motionless. Then, he sensed her fiery gaze and grasped the point. “Are you too embarrassed to do it?”

“Am I not supposed to feel embarrassed?” Freya gritted her teeth, wondering what Rodney’s brain was made of.

Rodney let out a laugh. “There are women breastfeeding in public, so this is considered normal.”

“Haven’t you noticed that there are baby care rooms in malls?” Freya was so annoyed that her pale face flushed.

“But I’m your husband…”

“Please bear in mind that you’re just my temporary husband. You’ll be stripped of your identity soon,” Freya could not help but remind him, “What’s more, I don’t want a pervert like you to watch me breastfeed.”

Rodney’s handsome face slowly darkened. “Freya Lynch, you need to get this straight. Ever since I married you, I’ve never once touched you. Don’t accuse me for no reason.”

“You’ve been collecting those videos and even circulating them. Aren’t you a pervert?” Freya teased, “Or are you a creep?”

“… Fine, you win.”

Rodney failed to convince her. He had no choice but to turn around and head to the room next door in a huff.

Dani fell asleep shortly after she drank enough milk.

Freya barely had anything to eat. At 10:00 p.m, a nurse came to check on her and said, “You can try using a breast pump.”

“I did. Even after pumping for a long time, I barely got any milk.” Freya felt uncomfortable. “My hands are sore.”

The nurse smiled and glanced at Rodney, who was drinking some water. “Well, you can ask your husband to help.”

“Pfft…” Shocked, Rodney spurted out the water from his mouth at once. “Ahem.”

He patted his chest after choking.

Did the nurse mean what he thought she meant?

The nurse looked at the blushing faces of both Rodney and Freya, who had just become parents. She could not help but say, “Both of you are already married. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about.”

Freya was so ashamed that she wished the ground would swallow her up.

As soon as the nurse left, an eerie hush fell over the ward.

Rodney touched his nose and approached Freya quietly. After throwing a strange look at her chest, he somehow felt uneasy and started feeling hot. “ Ahem, I actually don’t mind helping you out…”

“ I do.” Freya glared at him with her flushed face.

”Freya, don’t strain yourself.” Rodney’s expression showed that he just wanted to help Freya for her own good.  “Just keep  your mind pure and  simple.”

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