Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1813

Freya felt an atomic bomb going off in her head. What did Rodney mean?

It was as if she was impure and had complex thoughts.

“ I don’ t need your help no matter how badly I’m suffering.” Freya showed a look of absolute contempt for him.

Rodney pouted and did not bother to argue with her further.

Dani woke up in the wee hours to have some breast milk again. However, a newborn like her had a rather poor appetite.

There were a few times when Freya fell asleep while feeding the baby due to fatigue.

While she was still muddle-headed, she sensed that someone had come and carried Dani away from her. The person then helped tidy her shirt.

As much as she wanted to open her eyes, she was unable to do it.

When she woke up the next day, she felt her face burning as she recalled what had happened in the wee hours.

She glanced around the ward, only to see the caregiver alone. Only then did she heave a sigh of relief. Rodney must have slept like a log last night. He could not have been the one who did those things.

“Aunty Holly, I fell asleep while breastfeeding last night. You were the one who tidied my shirt, right?” Freya was appreciative of the caregiver’s help.

The caregiver was stunned for a moment before replying with a smile, “No. Young Master Snow asked me to return early last night. He was the one who was here the entirety of last night. He said he wanted to look after you and the baby on his own.”

Freya froze. In that case, was it Rodney who tidied her shirt?

Her face turned crimson in spite of herself.

Aunty Holly laughed and said, “Young Master Snow is quite concerned about you and the baby. I’ve taken care of many rich pregnant women. Although they seem to have married well, their husbands seldom carry the babies. It’s rare to find a man like Young Master Snow who personally accompanies you and looks after the baby. He previously knew nothing, but he quickly got the hang of it in these two days. He has already learned how to change the baby’s diapers and clothes. He even brought the baby upstairs for a swim just now.”

Freya muttered, “As the baby’s father, he’s supposed to do all these things.”

“You don’t know that many wealthy men will choose to settle everything with money. They certainly won’t do it on their own. They expect the caregivers and sitters to deal with everything.

Admittedly, it’s our responsibility to take care of these things, but babies need parental love as well.” Aunty Holly darted a glance at Freya’s chest. “I see that you’re suffering. Don’t you want to ask Young Master Snow for help?”

The caregiver changed the topic so swiftly that Freya had no idea how to respond to her question at that moment.

She just wanted  to be  an invisible  person right now.

During breakfast, Mr. Lynch, Mrs. Lynch,  and Wendy came over. Wendy even brought along a five-star chef from the Snow family to prepare breakfast.

Freya had been eating very well during her confinement period.

When Rodney returned with Dani, who had just finished swimming, Mrs. Lynch observed the way he carried the baby. She realized that he seemed experienced. Based on her experience, she was certain that it was not an act.

The moment Dani cried, Rodney knew that she might want to urinate. He immediately began to skillfully change her diaper.

Mrs. Lynch said to him in an unusually affable manner, “She has only peed in the diaper once. You can leave it.”

“No way. I can’t let my princess experience any discomfort.” Rodney was very patient with his princess. “By the way, Mom, please prepare a bigger bag for me so that I can put some diapers and bottles in it.”

“… Not bad. You’ve improved.”

Wendy shot an unusually admiring look at him. “ Keep it up. Not only must you be a good father but you must also be a good husband.”

After pausing for a moment, Wendy held Mrs. Lynch’s hands enthusiastically. “Mrs. Lynch, you can leave everything here to Rodney. Let’s go shopping. Coincidentally, Rodney has bought a mall for Freya. We can shop there. Don’t worry, if Rodney dares to treat Freya badly, I promise that I’ll deal with him.”

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