Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1814

Mrs. Lynch, who arrived not long ago, was taken away by Wendy just like that.

Freya felt helpless as she had planned to ask her mother to help her with the breast pump. She was mentally exhausted.

At the sight of her frustrated expression, Rodney’s thin lips twitched. However, he held his tongue in the end.

After lunch, Freya lay on the bed and was playing a game on her phone. Suddenly, a hand grabbed her phone.

“The doctor said that you should spend less time on your phone during your confinement period. Too much screen time will harm your eyes. Do you want to go blind?” Rodney tossed her phone onto the couch. “Let me remind you that you’ve spent long enough on your phone this morning.”

Freya was already grumpy having to lie on the bed. She was aware that spending too much time on her phone was bad for her. Even so, she was ruffled by how Rodney was restricting her. “Stop restricting me. Even if I go blind, it’ll be your fault. You got me pregnant and made me give birth to the baby.”

Rodney snorted. “I’m stopping you from playing with your phone precisely because I’m worried that you’ll put the blame on me. When you go blind, you might make me…”

He suddenly paused toward the end of the sentence. Looking a little nervous, he did not continue.

Freya gave a cold laugh. “Make you what? Make you take responsibility for it? Don’t worry, I definitely won’t make you take responsibility for it.”

“Forget it. Since you’ve given birth to my child, I can’t avoid taking responsibility for you.” Rodney scoffed. “Take a nap and don’t strain your eyes. If you think what I said isn’t right, you can call your parents and ask them whether it makes sense to restrict you.”

“Fine, you win. You even know how to snitch on me now.”

Stung by his words, Freya started becoming glum.

She snorted with rage and lay down with her back facing him. Clearly, she could not be bothered about him.

However, her chest hurt really badly. Amid the pain, she fell asleep. All of a sudden, she felt something unusual. It was as if a weight had been lifted off her chest.

She opened her bleary eyes, only to see Rodney tidying her shirt.

Words failed her for a moment. By the time she regained her senses, she instantly screamed in terror. “Rodney Snow, you pervert— ”

“Stop screaming. ” Rodney promptly covered her mouth. When he looked up, he saw a fiery glint in her eyes.

From Freya’s flushed face, he was not sure whether she was exasperated or embarrassed. There were even angry tears in her pretty eyes.

How she wished everything was just a dream. She wished that it was not true.

Indeed, she had given birth to Rodney’s child. Nevertheless, they had only done it once. What was more, she was drunk then, so she only had hazy recollections of it.

Deep down, she still felt that she was a pure young woman.

“It’s because you seemed miserable during your sleep. You kept tossing and turning. ” Rodney felt awkward, and his face was burning.

He already had a child. Furthermore, he had sent Shaun quite a lot of those videos.

Having said that, Rodney hardly had any experience in this area. Although he previously had a crush on Sarah for a long time, he had never even touched her hands.

Calling him a pure young man would not be stretching it.

“Please, you’re the one who’s miserable.” Freya gave him a death stare as her face reddened.

Rodney blinked. “ I’ve recorded a video. Here’s the proof.”

Once he finished speaking, he took out his phone and tapped open the latest video he had recorded.

The video showed that she was asleep, but her sleeping posture looked very off. She had placed her hands on an inappropriate spot as well.

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