Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1815

Freya was embarrassed.

She could not believe that she was… so open while sleeping.

After Rodney spotted her deeply embarrassed expression, the corners of his mouth curved up. “I really had no choice but to help you out after seeing how miserable you were. You don’t have to thank me as this is my duty as a husband. I just want to tell you that I appreciate everything you do, wifey.”

Freya was seething with fury. He had won this round.

Putting aside the fact that she had been taken advantage of, she even had to thank him.

Indeed, he was the archetype of a *sshole.

“Do you feel better now?” Rodney looked at her with a grin. “ If you’re still not well, I’m more than ready to assist you.”

“Thanks. I feel much better.”

With a face full of shame, Freya immediately covered her face with the blanket.

“Is it because you’re embarrassed? I didn’t know that a shameless person like you would easily…”

Rodney continued to make despicable comments about her. Freya, who was at the end of her rope, shouted beneath the blanket, “Get lost.”

“Fine. I’m going to play with Dani.”

Rodney headed to the other side.

Only after hearing his footsteps did she let out a long sigh. As much as she wanted to deal with Rodney, it was undeniable that she felt much better now.

In fact, she saw no point in going against her own will.

It was just a bite, was it not? However, the spot that was bitten…

While enduring her embarrassment, Freya thought to herself, ‘I should just… pretend to be asleep next time. That way, I won’t feel embarrassed when I wake up. Ahem, of course, I’ll lose my dignity. But it’s probably better than enduring the pain.’

It hit her that she had demeaned herself.

Similarly, Rodney realized that he had demeaned himself too.

Whenever she was asleep, he would relieve her burden by settling most of Dani’s food.

After that, Freya would pretend to be unaware of it and not mention it. On the other hand, Rodney would pretend that he had not done anything to her.

Little by little, they started to have a tacit understanding between them.

When Chester came to visit Freya, he glanced at Rodney with an odd look.

“Why are you giving me that look?” Rodney felt awkward.

“You seem to be in a good mood, ” Chester said with a mirthless smile, “ I thought you would’ve gone mad since you’ve been staying in the hospital looking after the baby and your wife every day.

Surprisingly, you look quite content.”

“Hehe. My daughter is my everything. You’ll understand when you have a child in the future. ” Rodney kept a straight face while bluffing.

It was true that he had felt tired at first. Nevertheless, after having a tacit understanding with Freya, he wished he could stay in the ward all the time now.

Child: …?

Chester muttered under his breath and darted a look at Dani in his arms. He had to admit that the child was rather cute.

His two friends had become fathers before he knew it.

He was not interested in starting a family. Nevertheless, he seemed to be at the perfect age to have a child.

Having said that, who was qualified to give birth to his child?

“By the way, are you still going to marry Cindy?” Rodney asked curiously. “No.” Chester looked indifferent. “Freya can be discharged from the hospital tomorrow. Remember to complete the discharge procedure in the morning.”

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