Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1816

With that, Chester turned around and walked out of the ward.

He just happened to walk past Freya’s ward. He had a lot on his plate recently.

Struck by a thought, Rodney promptly went after him. A blush of shame crept up his handsome face. “ Chester, I have something to ask you…”

“Are you trying to ask when you can sleep with Freya?” Chester broke in.

“Uh… How did you know?” Rodney touched his nose in embarrassment.

“It’s so obvious.” Chester smirked frivolously. “But I think you’re overthinking things at this moment. Are you sure she won’t divorce you?”

“We already have a child together. Why would she do that? I won’t get a divorce.” Rodney bit his tongue and shot a look at Chester. “Answer me.”

“Probably two months later.”

“That’s so long.” A look of disappointment washed over Rodney’s face.

Chester was at a loss for words. “Is it? I’m guessing you may not even get into bed with her after half a year.”

After shattering his hopes, Chester left mercilessly.

Rodney started sulking. He had never thought about such a thing back then, but now that it crossed his mind, he felt a strong tingling sensation.

The next day.

Freya was discharged from the hospital.

To make it easy for her mother to look after her, Freya did not move to the Snow family’s residence. Rather, she went to the villa where she stayed with Rodney.

Mrs. Lynch planned to return to Melbourne after Freya’s confinement period ended.

When Freya arrived at the villa, she noticed many new items in her room. Beside her bed was a brand new cradle.

She opened the wardrobe to put away her clothes but was dumbstruck to see beautiful haute-couture clothes from the latest season.

She wondered why her wardrobe was filled with so many beautiful clothes. She randomly took out one of them and looked at the tag, only to discover that it cost over tens of thousands of dollars. What was more, not everyone who was rich could buy these clothes. A lot of the pajamas and undergarments were also from the most recent and expensive collections.

Also… they were a bit too sexy. Who picked those?

“Do they look good?” Dressed in a showy pink shirt, Rodney suddenly appeared behind her with seductive eyes.

Freya was stunned for a moment. Then, her heart palpitated. “You bought… these?”

“Duh.” Rodney casually took one of the clothes. “ They’re much more beautiful and expensive than the ones you bought in the mall, aren’t they?

Moreover, these designs aren’t available in Australia. You’re the only person in the whole of Australia who has these clothes in your  wardrobe.”

While  talking, his eyes were filled with  smugness.

Freya was truly moved. Needless to say, a well— known young lady would love beautiful clothes.

Additionally, these clothes were unique.

Even so… She did not want Rodney to feel smug. “ Hah. I’m okay with any clothes as long as they look good. Do you think that I’m a materialistic woman who pursues luxurious things? What’s more, why did you buy me such large sizes? You’re looking down on me, huh? Do you think I’ll be this fat forever?”

As she spoke, she grew emotional. She planned to just cause him trouble at first, but later, she became convinced of her own words. She began to glower at Rodney furiously.

Rodney was speechless. It finally dawned on him that it was hard to handle women.

Really… She was unreasonable.

Nevertheless, Rodney certainly would not dare to go head-to-head with her during her confinement period.

“You’re… not fat, ” he said dryly as he retreated, “I think you look quite charismatic and your bosoms appear full…”

“Go to hell.” A dirty thought entered her head in spite of herself.

Feeling as though she was boiling, she subconsciously turned around and ran away. She did not wish to stay with him any longer.

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