Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1817

Rodney was sulking.

He had praised Freya’s wonderful figure, so she was supposed to be glad about it.

Why was she so mad?

It was just too difficult to grasp a woman’s thoughts.

Freya gave him attitude the entire afternoon.

She was barely nice to him anyway. Feeling used to it, Rodney did not take it to heart. It was only after Mrs. Lynch started staying with Freya to look after her and their baby did he gradually understand how Freya and her mother got along with each other. He could not help but sigh internally.

After dinner, Mrs. Lynch took a bowl of chicken soup upstairs for her daughter.

When Freya finished the bowl of chicken soup, Mrs. Lynch glanced around the bedroom before she sat beside her. “Have you and Rodney been sleeping in separate rooms?”

“Mom, you know why I got married to Rodney in the first place, don’t you?” Freya frowned. “Before this, I planned on divorcing him right after giving birth.”

“ Is this a mutual decision or your own decision?” Mrs. Lynch asked gently as she fixed her eyes on Freya.

“Of course, it’s…” Freya suddenly paused. She had said that she wanted to get a divorce, but apparently, Rodney did not.

Mrs. Lynch let out a long sigh and said pensively, “ Actually, I always thought that Rodney wasn’t good enough before this. He was inconsiderate and irresponsible. He did not know how to take care of his wife. Because of him, the baby was born prematurely and I still can’t get past it. Having said that, after observing how both of you are getting along with each other, I think that Rodney isn’t the only one at fault for the way things ended. You’re responsible for this too.”

“Me?” Freya asked in disbelief and felt bitter. “ Mom, you can’t take him for a good man just because of his good performance these few days. He–“

I didn’t judge him based solely on his recent performance. It’s easy to put on an act, isn’t it? I’m not that stupid, ” Mrs. Lynch interrupted her. “After observing how you’ve been getting along with Rodney, I realize that you’re mean to him. You only say harsh things to him. Let’s not talk about what has happened recently. Was this also how you both got along with each other before the baby was born?”

Freya froze for a moment. “I don’t even like him. How amiably do you expect me to treat him? He even wanted me to abort the baby for the sake of another woman. Also, he has such poor taste that he fell for a woman  like Sarah. What  a blind man he is?”

“Fine. He’s blind. But as if you’re not.” Mrs. Lynch shook her head. “You liked Patrick before this, but what did he take you for? He even stood us up when we planned to discuss your marriage at that time. You treated him so well that you even gave up a great job for him after graduating, yet he ended up getting together with his childhood sweetheart and dumping you. What was worse, he claimed that you were narrow-minded and not understanding enough. He also beat you up.”

“Mom, why do you always have to bring up the same old boring issue?” Freya bit her lip. It was her most shameful past. Even the mere mention of it made her embarrassed.

Mrs. Lynch shook her head. “You think that Rodney is blind, and you look down on him for having loved a woman like Sarah. But what about you? You were blind as well. You wasted your youth because of that sc*mbag. What gives you the right to hold him in contempt when you’re the same?”

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