Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1819

All of a sudden, Freya came to realize her flaws.

Indeed, she had an average EQ. She was nowhere near as good as Catherine either.

After Mrs. Lynch left, she had a video call with Catherine amid her distress.

It was still daytime over there. Dressed in a red maxi dress, Catherine was sitting on the grass, enjoying some red wine and breakfast. Behind her was a huge green winery and chateau.

Freya was dumbfounded. “Damn, where is that place? Why do I feel that we’re not on the same planet? You look just like… a rich woman in the Middle Ages. The only thing you lack is a kept man.”

“Ahem…” Her words nearly made Catherine choke. “What an exaggeration.”

“It’s true. ” Freya admired her life. She should not have given Catherine a video call because comparing her situation to Catherine’s would only drive her to despair.

“I’m at the winery that belongs to Shaun’s dad.”

Catherine adjusted the angle of her phone camera to focus on Shaun and the two kids playing on the grass. “Suzie and Lucas like this place. They’re having lots of fun here.”

“It suddenly hit me that it was really wise of you to make peace with Shaun. Not only is he helping you to look after the kids but you can also stay in a chateau that has a winery. What a carefree life you’re leading.” Freya sighed.


Catherine nodded and smiled sweetly. “ I can now enslave Shaun all I want without feeling any sense of burden nor guilt.”

“Cathy, I realized that you have a very high EQ. My EQ is low.”

Freya told Catherine what her mother had said to her.

What Freya said did not catch Catherine by surprise. In fact, Lynch Corporation was insignificant in Melbourne ten years ago. It was after Freya’s father married her mother that the company slowly rose to prominence. Of course, her father’s competence was unquestionable, but there must be a successful woman behind every successful man.

“Freya, I think your mom is absolutely right. Now that you and Rodney have a child together, it’s illogical to have a sour relationship with him.

What’s more, you can’t possibly stay home forever without a job. Didn’t you say that you want to set up a business in the future? Making connections is very crucial at this point.”

With a smile, Catherine continued, “Actually, you and Rodney share a common aspect, which is that both of you speak harshly. It’s exactly why both of you always quarrel. Sometimes, the person you get along with is just like the reflection you see in the mirror. The person will treat you in the same way as you treat your reflection.”

Freya grasped her point. Sure enough, Catherine was right.

Rodney was basically Freya’s reflection, was he not? After hanging up, Freya sank into contemplation.

It suddenly struck her that she did not seem to have learned from her mistakes despite having gone through so much.

Amid her messy thoughts, the door to her room was pushed open out of the blue.

Rodney came in hugging his pillow.

As soon as Freya recalled her mother’s reminder, she told herself to be more emotionally intelligent. However, the minute Rodney placed his pillow on her bed, she could not help but ask, “What are you planning to do?”

“Of course, I’m going to sleep here.” Rodney placed his pillow beside hers. “I have to look after you and my child at night. Since this is the only bed in the room, I have no choice but to squeeze in with you.”

No choice…

Freya took a deep breath.

Rodney, this b*stard, had always behaved this way. As a result, it was inevitable that she ended up in this state.

Nevertheless, she could not behave as she did back then.

She could not get hysterical.

She wanted to be a woman with a high EQ.

After waiting for some time, Rodney thought that Freya would lose her temper and hit him with the pillow. Therefore, he had mentally prepared himself to be hit. Surprisingly, Freya only fixed her eyes on him impassively and spoke coldly, “You don’t have to push yourself so hard. I can have Aunty Marie help me out at night.”

”No way. I have to take care of my child on my own. I can’t miss any moment spent with Dani, ” Rodney responded shamelessly.

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