Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1820

A discreet smile spread across Freya’s face. “Well, it’s not good to strain yourself.”

“I don’t mind, ” Rodney answered with a grin.

“But I don’t want to strain myself, ” Freya said indifferently, “ I don’t have the habit of sharing the same bed with another man. You can take Dani with you over there. When she’s hungry, you can come and look for me again.”

“No way. Dani won’t be at ease unless she’s by your side because of your motherly scent.” Rodney was dead set against leaving the bedroom. This was a chance for him to sleep with Freya more often in the future. Only a fool would let go of such a chance.

Upon noticing her resistance, Rodney raised his brows. “Don’t worry, I won’t touch you considering your condition now. I’m not a beast anyway. What’s more, the doctor said that Dani is extremely insecure as she was just born. The environment here is also new to her, so it’ll be better for us to accompany her tonight. As her mother, you won’t be so heartless, right?”

With that, he stared fixedly at her as though she would be considered a heartless mother if she spoke any further.

Freya was at a loss for words.

What else could she say? She would go mad sooner or later.

“I’m going to bathe. ” Upon realizing that she was keeping silent, Rodney headed to her bathroom smugly.

Freya flew into a rage. “You can bathe in your own bathroom.”

“I’m too lazy to go there. ” After Rodney finished speaking, he swaggered into her bathroom.

It angered Freya to hear the splashing sounds in her bathroom.

Shortly after, the sitter placed a set of clothes and a towel at the door before walking out.

Freya’s mouth parted as she was about to say something. Nevertheless, Dani should be hungry at this moment.

She was not bothered about him.

A few minutes later, the door of the bathroom was opened.

She looked up, only to see Rodney walking out naked. He nonchalantly took the pajamas and towel at the door before he entered the bathroom again.

Freya blinked, feeling dumbfounded. Just then, something crossed her mind.

There was nothing else except the image of Rodney naked just now.

Freya felt a sense of incredulity.

Before she could come back to her senses, Rodney walked out in his black underwear after wiping his body. His hair was wet, and water droplets were trickling down his chest. Below his chest were his defined abs.

She did not expect this flashy man to have abs.

Furthermore, now that he had bathed, he looked extremely seductive.

Despite his disheveled hair, he was even more good- looking than her. It was really… Unreasonable.

“What? I have a great physique, don’t I?” Rodney walked up to her with a grin.

Freya lost her temper. “Are you out of your mind? Why aren’t you wearing your clothes?”

“I’m going to wear my clothes out here. It was sweltering in the bathroom.” As Rodney spoke, he put on his pajamas.

Soon, he appeared more decent.

Freya took a deep breath. “Can you stop using my bathroom? Even if you bathe here, can you wear your clothes before coming out?”

“Why?” Rodney shrugged. “Why do I have to care so much at home? Your mom won’t come in anyway.”

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