Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1821

“But you’re such an eyesore to me.” Freya’s chest heaved.

If Rodney planned on seducing her with his wonderful physique, he could dream on. In the face of a b*stard like him, she surely would not be sexually aroused.

“Do I have a bad physique? Why am I an eyesore?” Rodney felt humiliated.

After all, he used to work out and swim every day. He had always been confident in his physique.

“You look unsightly from head to toe.” The words escaped Freya’s mouth.

As soon as she finished speaking, silence befell the bedroom. The atmosphere became tense.

Rodney’s face darkened. He admitted that he had initially planned on seducing her with his good looks. However, not only did he fail but he also felt utterly humiliated.

He was really infuriated.

As a man, was he that lousy? He conceded that he had wronged her back then, but he had been striving to change his ways.

He wanted to be a good husband and father. Nevertheless, his efforts seemed futile  regardless. It did not work on Sarah previously nor on Freya at this point.

Frustration began to surge inside Rodney. Seemingly, his life was a failure.

Keeping an ashen face, he stayed quiet.

Once Freya was done speaking, her heart did a flip.

Earlier, she had even contemplated improving her relationship with Rodney and being more emotionally intelligent. Little did she expect that their relationship would sour so soon.

It seemed… that she had gone a bit too far with… her words just now?

“Fine. I’ll take note of it and make sure I won’t be an eyesore to you.”

With that, Rodney took his clothes and strode away.

Freya’s lips parted. A while later, she patted her forehead.

Oh well, her EQ was probably so low that it could not be helped.

Not only did she bring shame on her mother but also on Catherine.

After going downstairs, Rodney drank a big glass of cold water. He had a strong urge to ask Chester out for a drink, but he suppressed it. Given that things were different now, he could not behave like how he previously did for his child’s sake.

After some time, he heard Dani bawling from upstairs. He reluctantly went to the bedroom.

Dani had pooped again.

After carrying her out of the cradle, Rodney

skillfully cleaned her bottom with the sitter. Then, he gently put her to sleep before transferring her to the middle of the bed.

Rodney and Freya slept on opposite sides of the bed without touching each other.

Thinking that she had gone a bit too far just now, Freya did not hurl insults at him nor chase him away.

Amid her sleep, she heard Dani crying in the middle of the night. She had no choice but to carry Dani and breastfeed her.

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