Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1823

In the end, Freya chose to wear a branded black maxi dress for the occasion.

Of course, the dress was unable to highlight the S- shaped curves she used to have, but it could at least hide her rolls of fat.

That night, Freya and Rodney attended the banquet together while carrying Dani.

Rodney wore an apricot-colored suit with a shirt, vest, tie, and coat. Coupled with his handsome face, he looked like a star walking on the red carpet.

Freya felt sad for herself. She was probably the first woman who paled into insignificance when compared to her other half.

The minute they walked in, she saw many young women fixing their sparkling eyes on Rodney.

Those women then glanced at Freya, their eyes carrying an inexpressible feeling…

Freya was at a loss for words.

Why did they have to go so far? After all, she used to be a ravishingly beautiful woman as well.

She swore that she had to start going on a diet from tomorrow onward. She must  strive to get her perfect body back within the next three months.


Catherine elegantly walked up to her in a champagne -colored gown. After not seeing her for a month, she realized that Freya had become prettier. With the lights shining on her shoulders and collarbone, Freya looked pretty and stunning like a vixen.

Following closely beside her was Shaun. He was dressed in a dark suit, and the gorgeous lights shone on his flawless features. There were a pair of fraternal twins by their side. Suzie was wearing a princess dress while Lucas was wearing a suit. The four of them were more striking than anyone else.

Gazing at them, the guests began to whisper.

“ Shaun and Catherine’s children are really good- looking. They make me feel like giving birth.”

“Forget it. Do you think you can give birth to fraternal twins as you please? What’s more, our looks can’t compare to Catherine and Shaun’s.”

“By the way, the two of them remarried, didn’t they? I heard Wesley has been left high and dry.”

“I’m not sure, but it seems that the two of them no longer work. They always hang out together.”

“Hey, Catherine’s mom is an oil magnate. I heard that Shaun’s dad, Brennan Lowe, is the chairman of Garson Corporation, which is one of the top loo transnational companies in the world. Even if Catherine and Shaun don’t work, they have money to burn.”

“Oh, how lucky of them. Rumor has it that their combined wealth can impact a country. Not only do they have a chateau, yacht, private jet, and a private island, but they also have a private winery.

Compared to them, we’re insignificant.”

Those words left Catherine speechless.

What did Sheryl’s wealth have to do with her? In truth, she was not that wealthy.

The yacht and chateau were not hers as they belonged to Shaun’s dad.

As for the private island, it was Matthew, that b*stard, who insisted on giving it to her. He had many private islands under his name but did not manage to visit each of them.

Of course, Catherine rejected his offer. Hence,

Matthew got Minister Mead to transfer the ownership of the private island to Suzie and Lucas instead. As a result, the news was exposed.

“Cathy, you didn’t even tell me that you own a private island now. Tsk. Take me there someday. ” Freya walked toward her and winked with a grin.

“Forget it. It was an offer from Matthew, but I’m not going to accept it. I’m trying to avoid being involved with Sheryl as much as possible, ” Catherine replied coldly.

“But Sheryl has publicly acknowledged you as her daughter. Also, when Titus was interviewed by reporters from all over the world, he said that he would treat you like his own daughter and he thinks highly of you.”

Freya smiled as she darted a look at Shaun beside her. “Young Master Hill, there are quite many rich young men visiting the Snows lately. They’ve been asking me to introduce Cathy to them. With Cathy’s current status, I suppose it’s a good idea to make them her kept men even if they don’t deserve to marry her.”

Shaun’s face darkened. “She has me, and that’s more than enough for her. If she has a few more kept men, she’ll drop dead.”

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