Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1824

The sudden flirting left Catherine feeling dazed. By the time she came to her senses, she wished the ground would swallow her up.

“Great job, Shaun.” Rodney threw an admiring look at Shaun.

“What are you guys talking about?” Lucas and Suzie looked confused.

Catherine’s pretty face instantly flushed. “Nothing much. Go and eat your food.”

Upon hearing her words, Suzie ran off while Lucas shook his head helplessly. He had no choice but to follow Suzie to look after her.

“Cathy, I noticed that you and Shaun have become fairer after you guys spent one month in Country Y. Your fair skin is glowing.” Freya sighed.

“ It’s probably because I was drinking milk every day there,” Catherine said with a smile, “Let’s chat over there.”

After the two women walked away, Rodney hit Shaun’s chest in admiration. “Shaun, tell me how you did it.”

“… What are you saying?” Shaun was baffled.

Rodney approached him. “Didn’t you break up with Catherine before this? Yet you got her into bed so soon. I didn’t expect you to be so clever after the break-up.”

Shaun was speechless. In fact, he had already got Catherine into bed with him one month ago.

If he revealed it, Rodney would be even more jealous of him.

However, he did not feel like exposing the matter since it was between Catherine and him. “Judging from your admiration for me, I wonder how long it’s been since you last got your wife into bed?”

“ It’s not a matter of time. Actually, he has never gotten into bed with Freya.”

Chester’s voice sounded out of the blue as he walked over.

Chester, who was wearing an elegant black suit, walked up to Shaun and Rodney.

“Shaun, you lost your memory. You might not remember that he has only done it once, and that was when he got Freya pregnant.”

Rodney’s face darkened. “Chester, you’re going a bit too far.”

Chester patted Rodney gently on the shoulder. “To be honest, you’re really not capable of dealing with women, Rodney.”

“Do you think that I wish for this?” Rodney gritted his teeth and said in a deep voice, “The other day, I did what you told me by deliberately exposing my body to her after bathing. In the end, she claimed that my body was an eyesore. It hurt my dignity. ”

“Hah. Don’t you know that women always say things they don’t actually mean?” Chester looked sideways at Rodney. “What’s more, I’m sure Freya always says things that are different from how she actually feels, judging from her temper.”

Rodney froze. Was it really so?

“It’s true that women love saying things they don’t actually mean.”

Shaun curled his lips. He was most experienced in this area.

It was similar to whenever Catherine said no. As long as he remained shameless, she would ultimately be passionate.

Not far away, Freya shot a look at those men and asked, “Cathy, when are you planning to remarry Shaun?”

Catherine was stunned before she smiled faintly. “ I’ve never planned on remarrying. I think everything is good as it is now.”

“But will Shaun agree to maintain such a relationship with you for long?” Freya was surprised. Catherine frowned.“ I’m not sure. Given that my previous two marriages have failed, I’m terrified of getting married now.”

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