Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1825

“Hehe. Are you sure Shaun is willing to stay with you without a proper title?” Freya asked gloatingly.

Catherine sighed. “Furthermore,  I think this kind o f life makes me feel more at ease. What about you? How has Rodney been doing this month? I noticed that he has dark circles and has also slimmed  down “Really?” Freya was startled.

“Can’t you tell the changes? They’re so obvious.” Catherine threw a strange glance at her. “Forget it. You’ve been living with him every day, so you’re used to seeing him. That’s probably why you can’t tell.”

Freya was speechless. A complicated feeling crept into her heart.

Indeed, Rodney had slimmed down. It seemed he had not been able to sleep well this month.

“Having said that, you’ve done quite a great job at torturing him,” Catherine said with a grin, “If you

hadn’t made him look after the child, he wouldn’t have known how tough it is to raise a child.”

After hearing those words, Freya suppressed the twinge of guilt that she felt.

As a woman, she had to be hard-hearted. Otherwise, no man would sympathize with her.

The celebration of Dani’s first month since birth officially began at 12:00 p.m.

As the main characters of the occasion, Rodney brought Freya and Dani to the stage and gave a speech.

Someone snapped a photo of them and shared it online. Of course, the child’s face had been pixelated.

A mass of netizens had seen the photo.

[What a blessed family. The baby is so adorable.]

[Why do I think that the prime minister’s goddaughter and Young Master Snow appear close on the outside but actually aren’t? Look at how they keep a distance from each other when they stand. They look distant.]

[Some people guess that the two of them had a shotgun marriage. Besides, Young Master Snow hung out with another woman a lot during their engagement.]

[What the previous commenter said rang a bell with me. That woman was Sarah Neeson, and she’s Shaun’s ex-lover. I think Young Master Snow had a crush on her for a long time. He proposed to her earlier, didn’t he? But they broke up after that. I reckon it was because the Snow family rejected Sarah.]

[What a complicated romance story of a wealthy family. But now that he’s married, he should treat his wife and child well.]

In a distant four-star hotel…

Sarah turned on her laptop and stared at Rodney’s family photo.

Her eyes flashed with intense jealousy.

Currently, the Snow family was the top political family in Australia. Now that Nathan’s position had been consolidated, Snow Corporation was also doing well. Rodney’s status was different from before too.

Initially, everything was supposed to belong to Sarah.

She should be the one enjoying this honor.

Nevertheless, Freya, that b*tch, gained it effortlessly.

Even so, it proved that Sarah had made the right decision by asking Rodney to return to the Snow family’s house when she left him back then.

She had lost Wesley’s backing and could not afford to stay in a five-star hotel. The only means for her to make a comeback was to hold on to Rodney.

Although she was a well-known psychologist, Shaun’s people had been looking for her everywhere. She was too afraid to go around treating patients. Now that she barely had any money left, all she could do was to hide like a rat. She did not want to lead such a life anymore.

Sarah’s avaricious gaze was fixed on Rodney’s face.

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