Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1826


Zenith Hotel.

Freya was halfway through her meal when Dani got hungry. The baby would not say anything even when she was hungry. She only knew how to cry.

Freya could only carry Dani to a private room to feed her.

After feeding Dani, she heard a few elite ladies discussing just as she came out. They were standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows ahead of her.

“Did you guys see the picture on the internet?”

“Are you talking about the picture of Young Master Snow’s family? I saw it too. The netizens are saying that Freya has gotten fatter.”

“She really did get fatter. Look at the black dress she’s wearing today. Does she think we can’t see that she has become fat if she wore a loose dress?

Moreover, black doesn’t suit her at all. It looks old- fashioned.”

“There’s no helping it. Even though the prime minister has acknowledged her as his goddaughter, it can’t change  the fact that she’s from a small place.”

“Ah, who doesn’t know that  the Snow family had no choice but to have the prime minister acknowledge her as his goddaughter because she got pregnant back then and Rodney didn’t want to marry her?”

Freya’s hands that were carrying Dani stiffened.

When she headed out that morning, she really minded her figure a lot. She did not expect that it would be discussed among others when she was outside.

During the celebration earlier, those elite ladies were flattering her while surrounding her.

However, they were gossiping about her like that behind her back. Those elite ladies looked down on her.

Freya’s lips lifted into a sarcastic smile.

Right, what those people said was the truth. Even though she was being buttered up and flattered, it could not change the fact that she came from a small place.

She felt sour.

At that time, she suddenly saw Rodney walking over from the other side of the corridor. His handsome face was filled with iciness. “Enough. Although my wife is from a small place, she’s way better than you all, the wealthy elite ladies from Canberra. At least she doesn’t have bad manners like you guys,

gossiping about other people behind their backs. ”

Rodney had unexpectedly shown up.

The faces of those elite ladies were flushed red from being told off. They could not accept it.

One of the elite ladies retorted, “Why? She’s one of the main characters tonight. Can’t we even talk about her? Besides, I didn’t say anything bad about her. All that we said were facts.”

“That’s right, Young Master Snow. Even if your identity is special, you can’t be unreasonable.”

Rodney’s gaze swept across the elite ladies’ faces. They were from wealthy families that Wendy had praised before. However, these elite ladies were so pretentious. He even thought they could not even compare to Freya.

That was right. Although Freya’s words were unpleasant to hear sometimes, she was not pretentious. She was straightforward with her words.

“Is this the manners that you all, the elite ladies of Canberra, have?”

Rodney sneered. “You’re embarrassing the people of Canberra. I heard that you all previously studied abroad. However, you don’t even have the most basic manners. Let me remind you of this. You’re all women too. You’ll get married, have children, and become fatter due to pregnancy. As women, shouldn’t you all think about  things from a woman’s perspective? Don’t you know that many women are urging others not to body shame a pregnant woman and be respectful of mothers?”

Those elite ladies’ faces were burning hot from being told off.

Nevertheless, one of them was still unwilling to back down. She said, “Even if we get pregnant, we’ll take care of our figure.”


There was a mocking expression on Rodney’s face. “ If you’re preparing to get married in the future, I’ll relay this sentence to your future in-laws and husbands. I can guarantee that no men will want to accept you. Is pregnancy the time for you to take care of your figure? That’s stupid. Are you an idiot that you’ll jeopardize the child in your belly for your figure?”

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