Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1827


That elite lady was exasperated. The remaining few elite ladies felt the anger radiating from Rodney. They did not dare to say a word.

After a while, an elite lady in a pink dress said,“ Young Master Snow, we mean no harm. We were just chatting. Look, we often used to hang out with each other in the past. Give us a way out, okay?”

“You’re asking me to let you off, but did you show me any respect when you were gossiping about my wife behind her back?”

Rodney let out a cold hmph. “Besides, I didn’t hang out with you guys all that often. We just met a few times during banquets, chatted a little, and played a few rounds of games. That was many years ago.”

“Young Master Rodney, don’t be too much.”

It was as if the elite lady in pink was hit in the face by her own words. It was very awkward.

“So what if I’m too much? Who do you think you guys are? However, since you think it’s too much,

none of you here have to attend any banquets held by the Snow family in the future.”

Rodney left in long strides after he spoke. Those elite ladies were dumbfounded.

Countless wealthy families in Australia were fighting to attend banquets held by the Snow family. Who knew that they would get themselves blacklisted just because they had gossiped about Freya?

They regretted it so much that they wanted to spit out blood.

Did people not say that Rodney and Freya had no feelings for each other at all? Why was he so protective of her? It was strange.

Rodney was heading toward Freya’s direction in big steps.

Freya instinctively hid inside a lounge at the side. Rodney did not notice her. He walked toward the private room where she was breastfeeding just now.

Freya leaned on the wall while carrying Dani in her arms.

Her heart was beating wildly.

She never thought that Rodney would take her side and even scold those elite ladies for her.

Did he not say that her waist had looked like a pail? Why did he suddenly know to respect pregnant women and mothers?

Did he have a realization all of a sudden? Had he been like this all along?

Freya realized that she might not have truly understood Rodney in the past.

Actually, Rodney was not that awful. His words were unpleasant to listen to but maybe it was just like what Mrs. Lynch said. It was her harsh words that made Rodney go against her.

There would be a person in the mirror with the same character as hers staring back at her.

Thinking about it closely, Rodney had his good points too.

Rodney prepared three meals a day for her after they started living together during her pregnancy, and every meal was packed with nutrition.

Freya had been spoiled since young, so she was lazy and always lost things. She did not like to clean up the house either.

Whenever Patrick came to her house back then, he would complain that she was too lazy and messy. He would always say that Linda was so clean and tidy, asking her to learn from Linda.

At that time, she would retort like it was a matter of course, “I’m lazy, but I can hire a housekeeper.

Aren’t you willing to hire a housekeeper after we get married in the future even though you’re earning so much money?”

Patrick would only say, “I’ll hire a housekeeper, but you can’t be too lazy as a woman.”

Therefore, Freya slowly began to change herself.

However, after living with Rodney, aside from telling her off a little in the start, he did not mention those things anymore afterward. He would just let the housekeeper clean the villa. He did not let her do any dirty or tiring work.

Even the fruits she ate were washed clean before they reached her hands.

Maybe because that person was Rodney, so Freya overlooked a lot of details.

That might be the reason why her mother had suddenly said that she was also at fault for her and Rodney’s quarrels.

That was right. If only Freya had explained properly that she was having a meal with the girls and not

mocked Rodney sarcastically when he was suspicious on the day she gave birth, they would not have ended up fighting.

After calming  down and thinking about  many things, Freya realized that she was problematic in many aspects too.

At that moment, her phone suddenly rang. It was Rodney who was calling.

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