Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1829

After Freya waited in the car for a few minutes, Rodney opened the door to the back seat and got in.

“Why were they looking for you just now?” Freya asked, pretending not to know anything after hesitating for a moment.

“Nothing, they just wanted some help from me but I refused. I’m not close to them, ” Rodney said as he naturally carried Dani over from Freya’s arms.

Actually, those elite ladies were forced by their parents to apologize to him and Freya.

However, he did not let them meet Freya. He also warned them, saying that he did not intend to forgive them and they should not even think about looking for Freya to beg for mercy. If Freya knew the truth, the elite ladies would only end up in a worse situation.

He believed that after his warning, those people would not dare to pester Freya,

As for the truth, there was no need for Freya to know about it. Even if she did, it would only fuel her anger.

After all, that woman cared about her figure more than anybody else.

However, he did not know that a hint of astonishment had flashed across Freya’s eyes upon hearing his words.

She did not understand why Rodney was not telling her the truth.

Could it be that… he was afraid she would receive a blow and feel uncomfortable?

After that thought flashed across her mind, Freya’s heart became messier.

The car drove toward the Snow family’s villa. They would be having dinner there as well.

On the way, Rodney kept coaxing Dani to talk.

Freya lowered her head and looked at her phone for a while. She suddenly said, “When we went on stage to speak, someone took a picture and posted it on the internet. The netizens are saying that… I’m quite fat… Ask the nanny to cook less food in the future. I want to lose weight.”

Rodney’s handsome face darkened. “Why should you lose weight? You’re eating food for two people now. What if you run out of milk after losing

weight? Who’ll take responsibility if Dani’s not getting enough nutrition?”

Initially, Freya was calm. When she heard his words though, she felt as though she was being pricked by needles. “Was I born to be a milk machine?  If Dani’s nutrients are insufficient, are you going to send me to jail for not feeding your daughter properly?”

She was exasperated because of him. She initially had some fondness for him, but it was all gone because of those few sentences.

“That’s not what I meant.”

Rodney realized that it seemed he had angered Freya again.

Even the driver in front was worried about Rodney’s emotional quotient.

The driver said hastily, “Young Madam, you’ve misunderstood Young Master Snow. He means to say that you’re not fat. There’s no need to take the netizens’ comments to heart. Besides, there’s no need to lose weight so hastily too. Although you’re past your postpartum period, your body hasn’t recovered fully yet. You can still take it slow.”

“Yes, that’s what I meant, ” Rodney said quickly.

Freya let out a hmph and glanced at him. “Do you think I’ll believe that? Rodney Snow, let me tell you this. I’m the child’s mother too. I have my plans for feeding the child. I don’t need you to judge me.”

“What I said is true. You’re not fat…” Rodney muttered in a low voice, “Although you’re a little plump, being a bit chubby is quite cute too…”

‘Of course, there’s a part that’s particularly nice to touch.’

Rodney added mentally. He did not dare to say it out loud.

Chubby… Quite cute…

Freya did not think those words would come out of Rodney’s mouth. Her face heated up.

She quickly looked outside the window.

No, she could not be swayed by those sugar-coated words.

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