Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1830

“You even said that my waist resembles a pail before this…” Freya pouted.

“I don’t dislike your figure. I said those words out of anger that time,” Rodney said, “Besides, I’m not that sc*mmy. You gained weight because you gave birth to my child. I know that clearly. Don’t take the netizens’ comments to heart. Those people are just jealous of you. Think about it. You gave birth to a pretty, adorable little princess who’s the center of all attention. How can they not be envious? Even many female guests were envious of you today.

Some people are just sour because they don’t have your life.”

After he spoke, the car went silent for a while.

Freya gazed at him deeply. She did not expect that there would be a day when such pleasant words would come out of Rodney’s mouth.

She had to admit that his words lightened up her mood.

“Why are you… looking at me like that? I didn’t say anything wrong, right?” Rodney asked nervously.

“No, I think you said it quite well.” Freya nodded. Rodney’s eyes widened.

Maybe it was because he never expected that Freya would praise him for speaking well.

The sentence that both of them said the most in the past was, “Can you shut your mouth if you don’ tknow how to talk? I won’t think of you as a mute.”

Rodney suddenly realized that not making Freya angry was quite an easy task.

Upon arriving at the Snow family’s villa, Freya went upstairs and took a nap.

When she went downstairs, she was about to look for Dani when she suddenly saw two people talking in the courtyard. One of them had a buff and towering figure. It was her brother, Forrest Lynch. The person standing opposite him was the Snow family’s eldest young lady, Jessica Snow. Jessica wore an orange coat with a ribbon tied in the middle of her waist. She was in high heels that revealed her delicate feet. She exuded the aura of a powerful woman.

However… Why were they both standing together? Was it because of Freya?

What were they talking about? The atmosphere around them was cold. They looked like they were fighting.

Freya secretly went near them. Were they quarreling because of her?

She cautiously hid, using the rocks to cover herself. When she got near, she heard Forrest’s icy voice.

“I don’t need that land. The Lynch family has no development plans in Canberra. We won’t take advantage of the Snow family either.”

Jessica’s voice was cold too. “Forrest, can you not be so naive? The Snow family and the Lynch family are already joined by marriage. I admit that you’re a capable person, but sometimes, taking appropriate shortcuts can bring you further.”

“Enough. Not everyone is as despicable as you, using shortcuts to achieve success.”

Forrest mocked coldly, “Besides, if it weren’t  for you forcing my sister to keep the child by all means necessary, her life wouldn’t have become like this. Of all the women I’ve f*cking met, you’re the most ruthless one. If it weren’t for you, Freya wouldn’t have gotten pregnant with the child.”

“… I’m sorry.” Jessica clenched her fists. She spoke in a low voice without an expression on her face.

“You don’t have to apologize to me. You only care about status and money. The thing I regret the most in my whole life is saving you back then. I should’ve just let you die.” After Forrest spoke, he left with a grim expression.

Freya leaned against the rocks. She was astonished. When did her brother save Jessica?

Did they know each other earlier on?

That was impossible. One of them was the elite lady of the Snow family, while the other was a young master of a wealthy family from a small place in Melbourne. How could they have gotten involved with each other in the past? Moreover, Jessica was a ruthless woman, yet her brother dared to speak to Jessica in that tone.

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