Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1831

Freya secretly glanced at Jessica. She saw that her back was trembling slightly.

After standing there for a while, Jessica left in her high heels, looking elegant and restrained.

It was as if the sight of her trembling just now was Freya’s imagination.

Freya stood there in a daze for some time until someone knocked on her head.

Ryan’s tall and upright figure was standing in front of her. He smiled and asked, “Why are you standing here in a daze?”

“ I’m meditating. ” Freya was stunned. She quickly leaned against the rocks and looked up at the sky.

The corners of Ryan’s mouth twitched. “Do you think I’m stupid? Never mind. Many of the Snow family’s relatives are here today, and you don’t recognize most of them. Staying here will be quieter.”

“That’s right. Even if they seem to be warm to me, I’m still a person who came from a small place in those wealthy people’s eyes. I’m too lazy to socialize with them.” Freya shrugged her shoulders.

“This place is quite boring. I’ll bring you to play pool. Do you know how to play?”

“I do. I’m pretty good at it.”

Freya wanted to ask about Jessica’s matters, so she followed Ryan.

However, after playing for three minutes, Ryan was speechless. “Is this what you mean by ‘pretty good

Freya felt awkward. She was indeed quite good at playing pool before. “I haven’t played for two to three years. I used to be good at it. Haha.”

“Forget it. I’ll teach you. Your hands shouldn’t tremble.”

Ryan leaned over from behind and grabbed her wrist.

Due to the close distance, he could smell a faint milky scent on Freya.

Ryan could not help but lower his head to glance at her. Maybe it was because she had been eating very well during her postpartum period, her face was as

fair as milk and slightly chubby. He knew that she looked pretty before, but her charm only grew after she gave birth.

He calmed his nerves and tried to ignore the unusual feeling he felt. He grabbed Freya’s hand and hit hard. The ball was pocketed.

“Wow, you’re so great.” Freya glanced at him with sparkling eyes.

Ryan’s heart skipped a beat. He lifted his lips in a smile. “You just have to find the correct angle.”

Freya nodded. Actually, she was not concentrating on the game. “By the way, why is Jessica… not married yet?”

Ryan looked at Freya strangely. “Don’t you know? She already got married long ago.”


Freya was shocked. “But I’ve never seen my brother-in-law.”

Ryan’s gaze dimmed. He sighed. “He passed away. He’s been gone for four years. Jessica got married quite early. She got married not long after she came back from studying abroad. However, our brother-in-law has had a weak body since he was young.”

“Why did Jessica still marry him?” Freya was puzzled.

Ryan gazed at her intensely. “Because of politics and benefits. Although we’re the prime minister’s family now, we used to be in a bad situation. In Canberra, which is like a whirlpool, Uncle Jason sought reputation and profits in the business world while my dad was trying to gain ground in the political world.

“How could they do that without any aid? For a family, political marriage is the best choice.

Therefore, Jessica got engaged when she was 18. Her marriage is the foundation the Snow family is standing on to achieve what we have today. That’s also why she became the president of Snow Corporation and joined the board of directors despite being a woman. She has even more shares than Rodney and Carson.”

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