Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1832

“I see…”

Freya felt a little stifled. “Giving up love and sacrificing marriage to gain benefits. Actually, being born in wealthy families like yours is quite miserable… Never mind. Maybe Jessica doesn’t find it miserable. For some people, the benefits of the family are greater than anything else.”

She was not fond of Jessica at all.

It was because Jessica had swapped her contraceptives that she became pregnant.

“Don’t put it that way. Some people don’t have a choice.”

Ryan sighed and said, “Jessica is our eldest sister. The family placed a lot of responsibilities on her. When we were young, Rodney, Carson, and I were pretty mischievous. The Snow family is very strict with the younger ones, but we only wanted to play. We had to learn Chinese when we were two years old, French at three, and German at four. Which child would like to study those things at such a young age? That’s why we skipped classes, threw tantrums, and didn’t want to study. My grandpa was very strict at that time. He often caned us.

Jessica was the one who stood up and begged for us back then.

“Grandpa said he hopes that we, the younger generation, can support the future of the Snow family. At that time, Jessica said we were still young and asked Grandpa not to force us. She would work hard and create a future for the Snow family.

Grandpa told her to not regret her choices, and she said she wouldn’t. It was because of her that we could have unrestrained childhoods. When we were having fun every day, she would have to attend training courses endlessly. When we were exhausted and sleeping, she stayed up all night to memorize information.

“Outsiders say that Jessica is cold and heartless, calling her a she-devil. Ha, that’s because she took every dishonorable matter of the Snow family into her hands. Because of her, the rest of our reputations are clean.”

Freya’s expression was filled with astonishment.

Maybe it was because Old Master Snow treated her too well that she thought he treated everyone else the same way.

However, thinking about it, if Old Master Snow were such a gentle person, the Snow family would not be what it was today.

Freya could not imagine how miserable she would be if she were born into the Snow family.

Ryan looked at Freya. He smiled and said, “It’s just as my grandpa said. Since we’re enjoying the honor and money that the Snow family has brought us, we have to contribute to the Snow family as well. We can’t just simply take things and not return the favor.”

After pausing for a while, Ryan added with mixed feelings, “Swapping the contraceptives back then was Grandpa’s arrangement to force you to give birth to the child. Even if Jessica hadn’t taken part, there would still be others making a move against you. She only played the role of a bad person because everyone wanted to be a good person. Who would want to play the role of a villain? Even her parents are no exception.”

Freya went silent.

After understanding the truth, she suddenly pitied Jessica.

How strong and determined did her mentality have to be to carry such big responsibilities for others?

“By the way, where did she study when she went abroad?”

“The United States, ” Ryan said, “California Institute of Technology.”

Freya was taken aback. Her brother had studied there too.

Did that mean they were alumni? Their ages were similar too.

Freya had heard from her mom that Forrest had a girlfriend when he was in university. They broke up afterward. That person could not possibly be  Jessica, right?

Freya broke out in a cold sweat. Her brain was overwhelmed.

“What are you thinking about?” Ryan ruffled her fringe. “Let’s not talk about these things. I’ll teach you how to play pool.”

He grabbed her elbows again. “What are you guys doing?!”

Suddenly, there was a shout from the door.

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