Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1833

Rodney entered with an awful expression.

From Rodney’s angle of view, it looked like Ryan was hugging Freya from behind. His chin was almost resting on her shoulders. His hands were also holding her arms, and they were in an intimate position.

A wave of fury burned in Rodney’s chest, rushing to his brain.

He knew that Ryan treated Freya well, but he did not think they were doing that behind his back…

“I’m teaching her how to play pool.” Ryan straightened his body calmly.

“Move aside.” Rodney went over in large strides and shoved him away. “I can teach her how to play pool too. There’s no need for you to do it.”

“Rodney, your words are too much.” Freya was dissatisfied seeing Rodney’s hostile attitude toward Ryan.

“I’m too much?” After Rodney was accused, his handsome face was grim with anger. “You— ”

“It’s alright, Freya. Rodney is just jealous seeing me teaching you pool and standing so close to you.” Ryan was afraid that Rodney would say unpleasant words and start a quarrel. He cut Rodney off while smiling.

With Ryan’s words, it felt as though a basin of cold water had doused the atmosphere which was about to burn.

The fire went out in a sizzle, but there was dense smoke that seemed to choke everyone.

Rodney forgot about getting angry all of a sudden. He widened his eyes and felt an indescribable sense of embarrassment and shame. “ I’ m jealous? Ha, is this a joke?”

Freya was stunned too. She had a moment of doubt, but after seeing Rodney’s attitude, she thought she was overthinking it. “Ryan, don’ t talk nonsense. How could he possibly be jealous? Maybe he was just thinking dirty things in his head and thought I’m having an affair with you. Although he doesn’t like me, he’s very particular about his pride. To him, I’m like a piece of chicken rib, tasteless to eat but a pity to throw away. However, I’m still his legal wife, so he can’t allow other people to taint me.”

“That’s right.” It was as if Rodney had found a reason that could save his pride. He immediately nodded.

Freya laughed mockingly. It was just as she thought.

Faced with Rodney’s low EQ Ryan was utterly speechless.

If Freya had not gotten pregnant back then, a person like Rodney could only remain single for the rest of his life.

Freya was ashamed as well. Although she was the one who said that, Rodney had given his reply way too fast. That made her very embarrassed.

She was a woman, after all. Was she really so unattractive?

“Move. I’ll teach you how to play pool.” Rodney did not realize how hard of a blow that was for a woman. He simply grabbed Freya’s arm and pulled her into his embrace.

He had not hugged her this way in a long time.

Freya’s body was soft like cotton. A milky scent wafted over, which made him tempted to sniff more of it.

There was a ripple in Rodney’s heart. However, before that ripple could fully spread, Freya pushed him away.

“Thank you, but I don’t need you to teach me. Play by yourself. I’m leaving.”

Freya turned around and left.

Rodney was furious. “Freya Lynch, what do you mean? You’re leaving as soon as I arrive. If I hadn’t come, you’d be playing with Ryan. Do you like playing pool with him that much?”

“He’s different from you. You always make me angry.”

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