Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1834

After gritting her teeth and glaring at Rodney, Freya left.

She initially had some good feelings about him that day, but they were all destroyed now.

Rodney, who had nowhere to lash out his anger, could only glare at Ryan. “Don’t you know that it’s inappropriate for a man and woman to be too close to each other? Ryan, keep a distance from your sister-in-law in the future.”

“If you still don’t know how to treasure her, I don’t mind closing in the distance between Freya and me.” Ryan raised his gentle eyebrows.

“What do you mean by that?” Rodney’s heart sank. He grabbed Ryan’s collar. “Don’t forget that Freya is your father’s goddaughter. She’s nominally your sister.”

“Yes, it’s quite unfortunate. Why did such a good woman become my sister? However, the title of a goddaughter can be revoked.” Ryan smiled patiently. “As long as someone has power and influence, anything can be done.”

Rodney felt a wave of chills in his heart.

He knew his cousin well. Although Ryan might look gentlemanly, deep in his bones, he was similar to his father. Both of them were like tigers wearing a mask. If not, they would not have had a smooth path in the political world.

“Don’t you dare.” A hint of hostility flashed across Rodney’s eyes.

“Why are you so agitated? Didn’t you say it yourself just now? You don’t like her anyway. Sometimes, there’s no need to force yourself just for your pride.”

Ryan smiled and said, “Don’t worry. If it’s because of the child, Freya is still part of the Snow family if she marries me. She’ll still take care of Dani.”

Rodney’s temples throbbed.

Why did he not think Ryan was such an eyesore before? He had the urge to rip Ryan’s mouth off. “In your dreams. Freya is the mother of my child.”

“Of course she is, but it’s not certain that she’ll be your only wife in this lifetime.” Ryan removed Rodney’s hand. “In your eyes, Freya might be a terrible woman. However, when she interacts with me, I think her personality is very nice. She’s vibrant and pretty. Sometimes, she might be a little silly, but it’s very cute. She acts the same way when interacting with other people. A woman who’s pretty with a nice personality will naturally have pursuers. You have to get used to that.”

“Something must be wrong with your brain. How is Freya’s personality nice?” Rodney said angrily.

“Really? Maybe her personality is bad only when she’s with you. After all, I treat her very nicely. I respect her and have trust in her.”

Ryan tidied his shirt. “Rodney, I’ll give you half a year. If you’re still behaving like this after half a year, then I’ll pursue Freya. By that time, don’t blame me for disregarding our brotherhood.”

“You even dare to desire your sister-in-law. B*stard! ” Rodney scolded while gritting his teeth.

“Hmph, who doesn’t know that you and Freya are married in name only? After being married for so long, I’m  guessing that you haven’t even kissed her. Actually, you really don’t have to keep hanging on to Freya just for your so-called pride. Moreover, many married couples are divorced nowadays, but aren’t there still some children who are happy?” Ryan left confidently after he spoke. After he exited the pool room, his lips curved resignedly.

He could only do so much. He hoped that this stupid cousin of his would quickly realize his feelings for Freya. If not, he would not let Freya keep wasting her time with Rodney.

In the room, Rodney kicked over the chair in front of him.

‘Damn that Ryan! How dare he desire my wife? In his dreams.’

Ah, Rodney was exasperated.

No, he had to let Freya know Ryan’s true colors.

He did not believe that Freya would not stay away from Ryan, that disgusting guy, after she found out.

After figuring things out, Rodney went out to look for Freya.

He found her in the poker room after searching for her for a long time. She was playing poker with a few elders of the family.

Upon seeing Rodney, his maternal second aunt, Aunt Millie, called out to him, “Rodney, are you looking for your wife? You came at the right time. Freya lost the game just now. You’re her husband, so pay up.”

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