Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1835

When Freya saw Rodney, she recalled that he had admitted she was tasteless like chicken ribs. Her expression became indifferent. She smiled and said, “No need. I can pay myself…”

“Why? It’s natural for a husband to pay when his wife loses money,” Rodney’s maternal cousin spoke up too.

“Alright, I’ll pay. ” Rodney took out his phone to make the payment.

Freya did not say anything when she saw that. It was just a small amount of cash to Rodney anyway.

After making the payment, Rodney turned his head and spoke to Freya, “Come out for a while. I have something to tell you.”

“Ooh, what secret are you guys going to talk about?” Aunt Millie teased them. “You can just say it here. Let us listen too. If you don’t want to do

that, wait till we’re done playing poker. I barely had the chance to play poker with Freya.”

“That’s right. ” The other aunts at the side agreed while smiling.

“I’m busy. I don’t have time.” Freya did not even look at the man beside her.

Hmph, why did she have to go out just because he told her to?

Besides, what was there to do after going out? Was it to listen to him saying that she was like chicken ribs, tasteless but a pity to throw away?

As she thought about it, she felt increasingly aggrieved and annoyed.

After all, she used to be the belle of Melbourne. Her educational background and accolades were not lacking either.

Rodney was embarrassed after getting rejected. It would be inappropriate of him to yank Freya out forcefully. He could only sit at the side and watch her play poker.

Although he was dense in emotional matters, his brain still worked pretty quickly on other stuff. He knew how to count the cards.

After looking for a while, he became anxious. “Ah, don’t play the Ace card. It’s better to put out the Jack.”

Freya would purposely do the opposite of his words.

He told her not to play that card, but she did it anyway.

“Yes! ” Rodney’s cousin chuckled. “I’m left with the last card.”

“See? I told you not to play that card, but you did anyway,” Rodney nagged.

After a while, he started nagging again. “Don’t play that card… See? You helped her win… It was so obvious that she was about to win when she played the King card. This is so easy… Why can’t you see it

… You lost money again… You played it wrongly again. Don’t put this card out… Ah, why are you so stupid?”

Freya got more and more embarrassed because of Rodney’s words. Her expression became darker.

If there were no people present, she really wanted to throw the cards on Rodney’s face.

F*ck. He was all high and mighty just because he knew how to play poker, huh?

Was there anything wrong if she did not know how to play or if she simply did not want to use her brain?

Everyone sensed that the atmosphere was weird. However, a certain someone just could not sense  it.

Aunt Millie cleared her throat. “Rodney, can you shut up? You’re too noisy. Can you just go out? Don’t disturb us here.”

“Why should I go out? Should I just watch as you all bully Freya? She hasn’t even won once. ” Rodney looked at Freya. “Listen to my instructions during the next round. I’ll surely make you win.”

“No need. Dani may be hungry. I’ll check on her. You can sit here and play. ” Freya tried to squeeze a smile out. She stood up and left.

“Ah, I’ll follow you.”

Rodney quickly went after her.

Aunt Millie sighed. “Rodney looks quite sharp when he’s doing business, but why is he so stupid in private?”

“That’s right. I saw Freya almost cry out of frustration.”

“ If it were my man, I’d definitely give him a hard slap across his face. Playing poker is just a form of entertainment. Why did he keep nagging?”

“No, I have to talk about this with Wendy. If that kid keeps this up, they’ll definitely end up divorcing.”

However, the person involved was still oblivious about it.

Rodney kept chasing after Freya, but she was walking too fast.

He had no choice but to grab her. “Stop, I have something to tell you…”

Freya withdrew her arm with all her strength. She did not want to talk to him at all.

“Don’t go. ” Rodney  pulled her  to his front. When  he saw Freya’s red eyes, he was stunned.

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