Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1836

“Why are you crying?” Rodney feared it most when women cry. He was utterly flustered.

He was not even that flustered when Sarah cried in the past. After all, he knew that Freya rarely cried in front of him. The time she cried the hardest was on the day she gave birth.

“Get lost,” Freya said with a hoarse voice. At the same time, she looked toward him with a calm and cold gaze.

“You… What’s wrong with you?” Rodney was at a loss. He would rather Freya throw a tantrum than being in that state. It was like the calm before a storm. “Is it because you lost some money just now? It’s okay. It’s just a small amount of money. ”

Freya laughed in anger.

Did he not have a f*cking clue as to why she was crying?

Of course, the most saddening thing was that he did not have a f*cking clue at all.

“Rodney, let go. I don’t want to see you.” Freya was terrified she could not resist charging over to bite him if she saw him again.

“Don’t lash out your anger on me. If you had played according to what I said, you wouldn’t have…”

Freya did not want  to continue  listening at all.

It felt as if the string that was pulled taut in her head had finally snapped.

She could not tolerate it anymore. She went forward and pushed him hard. “Can you just stay away from me? Don’t keep nagging in front of me all day. Do you know that you’re really hateful?”

Rodney was caught off guard. His tall figure was pushed to the ground.

He gazed at her with widened eyes and his breath quickened.

What did she say?

She told him to stay away from her.

She also said that he was really hateful?

Rodney felt as if a flame had been lit up in his chest. Sarah used to say those words.

Right then, Freya said it too.

As a man, was he that hateful and a failure?

Was it destined that no woman would like someone like him?

“Enough, Freya.”

He stood up with a cold expression on his handsome face. His tone was harsh. “Do you think you’re that likable? You’re so hateful that it makes

me puke too. With your character, if it weren’t for me, no one would marry you in your whole life.”

“Haha, that’s great. It takes one to know another.” Freya took a step back. Big teardrops fell from her eyes.

She turned around and ran away quickly. Her tears fell on the ground.

Rodney’s head buzzed. He suddenly realized how offensive his words were.

However, it was as if his legs were filled with lead.

Why should he chase after Freya? She did not like him anyway.

She hated it when she saw him.

If he went over, it would only make her despise him more.

He stood there in a daze for some time.

Not long after, Wendy rushed over furiously with those aunties who were playing poker just now.

“Rodney Snow, why did I give birth to such a stupid son like you?” Wendy slapped him across his face right away.

“Mom, what are you doing?” Rodney was stunned from being slapped.

“Let me ask you. What did you say to Freya? She was so angry that she took the child and left. The people of the Lynch family went after her just now.”

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