Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1838

He was exasperated. He called Chester and Shaun out for drinks at a club.

They arrived late at 7:00 p.m.

“You guys are too much. I called you guys at 5:oo p.m., yet you only arrived now.” Rodney was upset and threw a tantrum. There was no sign of his high spirits from the baby’s one-month celebration during the day.

“I only came out after having a meal with Cathy and the kids, ” Shaun said indifferently. He was puzzled. Was taking care of the children and accompanying his wife at home bad? Why did he have to be with two guys here? It was utterly boring.

Rodney was depressed. “Are your wife and children more important than your brother?”

“What else?” Shaun raised his eyebrows as if Rodney had asked a stupid question.

Rodney’s wounded heart was scattered with salt. He turned around to look at Chester. “What about you? I remember you don’t have a wife or children.”

“I was delayed because of a patient. ” Chester sat on a tall chair and poured a glass of red wine. “You have a wife and a child, but why aren’t you with them at home?”

Speaking of that, Rodney felt remorseful. “They went home to their maternal family.”

Maternal family? Melbourne?

Chester and Shaun looked at Rodney simultaneously. “What did you do again?”

What did they mean by “again”? Was he such a terrible person?

Fine! Rodney admitted that he was a little stupid… Rodney explained to them what had happened.

Chester and Shaun exchanged glances after listening to Rodney. They went silent after that.

After some time, Shaun said while feeling bizarre, “ Are you really my brother? You can’t possibly be a fake, right? I don’t think I would’ve become brothers with you. I’m quite picky.”

“Get lost.” Rodney glared at Shaun angrily. “Shaun, I have a lot of photos of us together. Don’t even think of shaking me off.”

Chester shrugged. “Why don’t you get a divorce? Although I shouldn’t separate you guys,  I think Freya may not be suitable for you. You’re more suited to be with those conservative women who’re meek, obedient, gentle, and tolerant.”

“I agree.” Shaun nodded. “Actually, with your conditions,  it’s quite easy  to find that kind of woman. They don’t need love. They only need you  to bring honor, reputation, and benefit to their families.”

“Or rather, I suppose there are a lot of women like that out there…”


Rodney cut  them off with a dark expression.  “I didn’t call you guys out to listen to you  telling  me  to change my wife. If I did, what would happen to Dani?”

“If the relationship between you and Freya isn’t good, Dani will be caught in between you two. She’ll have to listen to both of you quarreling every day. In the long run, it’s not good for the child either. ” After all, Shaun was a father. He had some experience in this aspect.

“There’s a lot of illegitimate children and divorced couples in wealthy families, so there’s no need to make a big deal out of it, ” Chester said indifferently.

Rodney was utterly speechless from their words.

He spoke again after a while, “No, you guys don’t understand. Ryan likes Freya. If I get a divorce, she might become my sister-in-law in the future.

Won’t that be messed up?”

“Ryan?” A hint of astonishment flashed across Shaun’s eyes. “He’s Prime Minister Snow’s son, right? We interacted once previously. He keeps his tricks well-hidden, and he has his father’s style. It seems like his ambitions aren’t small either. He’s young, yet he’s already holding an important position in Australia’s government. He may even become Australia’s prime minister one day. If Cathy finds out that her best friend can become the prime minister’s wife, she’ll be pleased.”

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